George Bueno – Borough Hall Market


If there is one thing i can’t get enough of in the fall it’s apples. For me apples are synonymous with fall. Wether they’re served raw, candied, or as a filling in a pies, apples are endlessly used throughout the fall. A lot of times when I go to my local super market its hard to find perfect apples, they’re usually bruised or sometimes so chemically enhanced that they’re the size of a melon. I was pleasantly surprised to find fresh “real” looking apples at the market. Some even had leaves on them which is an extremely rare occurrence when subjected by years of supermarket shopping. Aside from my astonishment, I noticed a large variety of apples, far beyond the generic granny smith and red delicious amongst other eye catching items such as the heirloom tomatoes. I left the market that day with a new found appreciation for local farmers, farmer markets and a bag full of apples.

-George B.

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