Anna Nurse Memo

To: Professor Akana

From: Kimberley Gonzalez

Date: December 16,2011

Subject: Anna Nurse Memo

Who was there?

Chef Michael Ayoub was at the Anna Nurse Workshop. He is the Chef of his own restaurant, Fornino’s. He is an experience chef and previous owner of many restaurants.

What did he do?

Chef Ayoub made mozzarella and pizza. The mozzarella was topped with volcano salt which added a good color contrast. During the presentation of making the mozzarella and pizza, Chef Ayoub took the time to answer questions from the crowd.

How did I feel?

I enjoyed the workshop with Chef Ayoub making the mozzarella and pizza. I am a big fan of cheese so I was interested in the process of cheese making. I plan on visiting his restaurant to enjoy the food once again.

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