New Favorite Vegetable??

* Borough Hall Market in Brooklyn – Between Court St and Montague St*

I decided to go to the Green Market in Borough Hall. I have passed it dozens of times but I never stopped to buy anything, even though I know the food is fresh. With Thanksgiving around the corner, I thought I would stop by the market and pick up a few things. This year my family and my boyfriend’s family are coming to my house for a dinner party and I have to make a lot of food. Last year, for the first time, I tried mashed sweet potatoes and sweet potato fries. Before that, I had only had sweet potatoes in one form; with brown sugar and marshmallows. So this Thanksgiving I am going to try making sweet potatoes in different dishes. The sweet potatoes I found at the green market look delicious and I am looking forward to making them for the holidays. If all goes well for Thanksgiving dinner, then this could turn into a regular vegetable in my diet. Maybe even my new favorite vegetable. Here’s to hoping.

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