Michael Pena’s Market Essay

Large Leaf Basil

Union Square Green Market

Upon arriving the Union Square Green Market I immediately noticed the amount of variety of products that are sold there and some of them are as normal from different types of apple all the way to the immense amounts of ginger. How could anyone choose from such a large amount of produce? I walk around the market until I notice something a little different from the rest. There was a company named “Petal PlAnts and Flowers” selling just that. Plants and flowers were all that could be seen when walking up to the company’s booth. I look around and see a few familiar flowers and herbs until one caught my attention; a basil plant. Instantly I remembered my kitchen when I was younger. My mom had bought me my own large leaf basil plant. I kept it in the kitchen and grew it there. From it, I would make tomato, basil, and mozzarella salads, garnish pasta dishes with it, and top my homemade pizza with it. Basil soon became not only my favorite herb but my way to remember how my passion for cooking came about. I looked around the market and thought to myself, this produce is mostly used to make dishes taste good but it reserves a small part of itself for that one person who finds comfort in them which is what I found with basil.

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