1 Hotel by Kiara & Maria

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  1.  Occupancy: The state of being a tenant in a space.
  2. FAM Trip: A low coast trip for travel agents provided by a travel operator in order to promote serves.
  3. Room Block: A room reserved for a specific guest.

Average Daily Rate: Is the average amount of profit a business facility  measures on a daily basis.

  • The one thing that I like about The Hotel 1 is how close to nature and calmness it had to it. the tings that I noticed are the amount of plants that is surrounded in the hotel. The view of the Brooklyn Bridge is a really wonderful cite to look at. There is also the fact that they try to make the most of what they have and have good use for them. For example, during the tour we were shown some of the amenities which are socks, a steamer, and cardboard hangers.
  1. Occupancy: Is the act of being a tenant.

  2. FAM Trip: A low coast trip for travel agents and is provided by a travel agent in order to promote their service.
  3. Average Daily Rate: The amount of profit that is made each day.
  4. Room Block: A room that is reserved for a special type of guest.

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