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1101 Final Reflection Draft

Final Reflection Assignment, 1000 Words Minimum

As a way to begin your Final Reflection, look back through your work such as in-class writing exercises, homework assignments, earlier reflections, essays/projects, and so on with our learning objectives in mind. As you browse through your work, ask yourself about and take notes on the following questions:

—How would you compare/contrast work done early on in the semester to now?

—What was your favorite/least favorite assignment and why?

—What are some notable lessons that have stuck with you after completing certain assignments?

—What changed in your writing (and reading and thinking)?

—What was your experience revising assignments?

—Was there any peer feedback that really stands out to you and why?

—How did you adapt to the sudden switch to online writing mid-semester?

—What was challenging for you in our course this semester and how did you overcome it (or attempt to)?

*For you Final Reflection, don’t simply answer the above questions—they are just meant to help you brainstorm ideas. After thinking deeply about your work this semester and the material that we’ve read, I want you to pick one of the learning objectives (from the sheet attached to the syllabi) that you feel as if you’ve accomplished. In your reflection, write about the process of achieving the learning objective. Be sure to include writing exercises you did and texts you read that helped you along the way. End your reflection by stating how the selected learning objective will help you in the future–both inside and outside the classroom. 


Grading Criteria

A successful reflection: 

—Will be in the correct MLA format (check example on Blackboard). 

—Will be aesthetically pleasing; in other words, it will look neat and organized.

—Will meet the word count requirement to the best of the writer’s ability.

—Will not have extreme spelling and grammatical errors.

–Will state a learning objective and have a clear explanation for how it was achieved.

–Will speak about how the acquisition of the learning outcome with help inside and outside the classroom.

–Will be organized with multiple paragraphs.