Please submit in your portfolio with polished, revised and edited versions of the work listed below. Do NOT submit the work with my comments, but versions that reflect the changes and feedback I gave you!

*Please tell me (in an email!) if you made revision to your Projects and would like me to reread them for a higher grade!Β 

Please submit the work in the order listed below. The work submitted should contain at leastΒ 6,000 words.Β Please include a word count and a word count breakdown for each of the project pieces.

HOW to submit? Please use the Google Drive folder titled Final Portfolios. Please title the portfolio– YourName.FinalPortfolio

What to include in your portfolio

√ Cover page with author’s name, professor’s name portfolio title, date and class name

√ Final Reflection (250 words)

√ Project 1: Literacy Narrative Project (1000 words)

√ Unit 1: Reflection (250 words)

√ Project 2: Research in Many Genres (1200 words)

√ Unit 2: Reflection (250 words)

√ Project 3: Writing in a New Genre and Artist’s Statement (1800 words)


Your portfolio counts as 60% of your final grade (Homework 20% and Participation 20%)!Β  The breakdown is as follows:

Project 1: 15%

Project 2: 15%

Project 3: 15%

Unit 1 Reflection, Unit 2 Reflection, Final Reflection: 15%