Project 1 Due: Monday, October 4th

Project 2 Due: Monday, November 8th

Project 3 Due: Wednesday, December 1st

Final Portfolio Due: Thursday, December 16th  


Week 1: August 25th | Introduction

WED. AUG 25th In class 

  • Week 1 PowerPoint: : Week 1 Wednesday PowerPoint
  • Introduction to the course, review of syllabus and schedule, become familiar with Blackboard 


Week 2: August 30th and September 1st  | Module 1: The Literacy Narrative                                   

MON. AUG. 30th

In Class

  • Week 2 Mon. PowerPoint 
  • Complete the Reading and Writing Identity Questionnaire
  • Discuss the 3 “Tips” pieces and review key tips for online learning
  • Share Introductory Writing Assignment


  • Read “All Writing Is Autobiography” by Donald Murray.  Write a response to the questions about the Murray reading on OpenLab.


In Class

  • Week 2 Wed. PowerPoint
  • Discuss  Murray reading, reading protocol   
  • Project 1: Literacy Narrative assigned                            


  • Read “Mother Tongue” by Amy Tan, write a response to the questions on OpenLab. 
  • Write a microautobiography (60 words or less!) Possible ideas – a 10 word memoir, a poem, a Haiku, an online bio, a dating profile! 
  • ***Draft of Project 1 Due Mon. Sept. 27th*** 


Week 3: September 13th | Module 1: The Literary Narrative

MON. SEPT. 13th In Class



Week 4: September 20th and 22nd | Unit 1: The Literacy Narrative

MON. SEPT. 20 In Class

  • Week 4 Monday PowerPoint
  • Discuss “My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant” by Jose Antonio Vargas
  • Continue Drafting / Planning Literacy Narratives


WED. SEPT. 22    In Class   

  • Discuss “Learning to Read” by Malcolm X
  • Explore the elements of a literacy narrative
  • Continue drafting / planning literacy narrative (meet individually briefly to check in about status of literacy narrative)                                                   


  • Draft of Project 1 DUE MON. SEPT. 27th. I cannot accept late drafts as I will not have time to review them. 

Week 5: September 27th and 29th | Module 1: The Literacy Narrative

MON. SEP. 27th       In Class

  • Week 5 Monday PowerPoint
  • Discuss Mike Bunn’s “How to Read Like a Writer”
  • Revise and Edit Our Literacy Narratives
    • Peer Editing Groups 



  WED. SEP 29TH In Class

  • Week 5 Wednesday PowerPoint
  • Discuss Metacognition and Transfer
  • Discuss the importance of reflective writing
  • Plan and draft our Module 1 Reflections
  • Look forward to Project 2


  • Final Project 1 Due MONDAY Oct. 4th  
  • Module 1 Reflection due MONDAY Oct. 4th

Week 6: October 4th and 6th | Module 2: Research and Inquiry

MON. OCT 4th In Class


  • Begin Project 2: Step 1- Choose a topic and add it to the class topics list
  • Read “Wikipedia Pops Up in Bibliographies” by Larry Gordon and write a response to the questions on OpenLab.

WED. OCT 6th        In Class                                            

  • Generate 5-8 research questions on the topic to guide your research. These questions should be questions that inspire your curiosity, drive your interest on the topic and will help you narrow down your research. 
  • Discuss what type of sources might help answer your research questions
  • ***Meet with the CityTech Librarian!***


  • Read “Is Google Making Us Stupid” by Nicholas Carr and write response to the questions on OpenLab
  • Find 2 sources for Project 2. Prepare to share key information in class.  Record your sources on the My Sources List. 
  • Record your research questions on the My Research Questions handout
  • **NO CLASS MONDAY**                                                      

Week 7:October 13th | Module 2: Research and Inquiry

**NO CLASS MONDAY** WED. OCT.  13 In Class


  • Find the remaining 2 sources on your topic. Remember, you must have at least 3 different genres of sources
  • Write a free write on your topic on OpenLab. It should be between 100 and 250 words.                  

Week 8: October 18th and 20th | Module 2: Research and Inquiry         

 MON. OCT. 18 In Class

  • Week 8 Monday PowerPoint
  • Discuss Rhetoric and Rhetorical Situations
  • Discuss Rhetorical Appeals (Ethos, Pathos, Logos)
  • Draft a short oral presentation on our research (Project 2: Step 4)
  • Learn how to cite sources and prepare the bibliography information (Project 2: Step 3)
  • Discuss how to write a summary of a source and prepare to write summaries of your 4 sources


  • Reading TBD
  • Write bibliography enty for all 4 sources (Project 2: Step 3)
  • Prepare short oral presenation on your research (Project 2: Step 4)

WED. OCT. 20th In Class

  • Week 8 Wednesday PowerPoint
  • Share your oral presentations
  • Explore how to analyze the author’s craft
  • Begin to draft one source entry


  • Read “Backpacks vs. Briefcases” by Laura Bolin Carroll and write a response to the questions on OpenLab
  • Draft at least one source entry and post on OpenLab 

Week 9: October 25th and October 27th | Module 2: Research and Inquiry

MON. OCT. 25th     In Class       

  • Week 9 Monday PowerPoint
  • Choose and evaluate / analyze quotations from your sources
  • Discuss how to determine if a source is credible and evaluate your sources for credibility
  • Explore transitional words and phrases to strengthen your writing


  • Write a 3-5 sentence source credibility evaluation for EACH of your sources 
  • Choose 1-2 quotes from each source. Write 1-2 sentences about each of the quotes
  • DRAFT of Project 2 Due Monday, Nov. 1st                                                            

WED. OCT. 27th In Class

  • Explore how to write Introductions and Conclusions
  • Focus on how to write a strong paragraph
  • Introduce Module 2 reflection


  • DRAFT of Project 2 Due Monday, Nov. 1st

Week 10: November 1st and November 3rd Module 2: Research and Inquiry

MON. NOV 1st In Class 

  • Week 10 Monday PowerPoint
  • Engage in Peer Revising and Editing Sessions
  • Use the Revising and Editing Checklist to strengthen our writing
  • Share a favorite part of your projects
  • Look forward to Module 3


  • Final Project 2 DUE Mon. Nov. 8th
  • Final Module 2 Reflection DUE Mon. Nov. 8th

WED. NOV. 3rd         

In Class


  • Final Project 2 DUE Mon. Nov. 15thth
  • Final Module 2 Reflection DUE Mon. Nov. 15th 


Week 11

Wed. Nov. 10th

  1. Week 11 Wednesday PowerPoint
  2. Introduce Project 3
  3. Look closely at many different genres and how different genres present information about different topics to different audiences!

Week 12

Mon. Nov. 15th

In Class

  1. Week 12 Mon. PowerPoint. 
  2. Continue to think about how different genres address different topics and different audiences. Think about how we can apply this to our writing and our topics. 
  3. Project 3: Step 1 – Choose an audience and a genre! DUE END OF CLAS TODAY!
  4. Discuss what a project proposal is and what to include in one. Model how to write one and plan for how to write your own. Begin to draft your project proposals.


  1. Project Proposal Due. Reply to the Post on OpenLab under Week 12, Mon. Nov. 15th.

Wed. Nov. 17th

In Class

  • Week 12 Wednesday PowerPoint
  • Review Proposals! 
  • Identify the KEY elements of some different genres (Blogs, News Articles, Opinion Articles)
  • Explore 2 key strategies to explain complex concepts and expand ideas (summarizing and paraphrasing) 
  • Discuss how to begin drafting genre piece


  1. Find a Mentor Publication. So if your genre is a blog, find an example of a blog that you like and want to model your piece after, or a news article, etc. NOTE, it can be one of your sources or one of the pieces we have read/ watched this year! Write a BRIEF description of what you like about the mentor piece and what text features/ genre elements you might use from it.  
  2. Begin to draft your genre piece. Think about what quotes you might use (look at your quotable from project 2! Look at your summaries of your sources from project 2 and think about what you might take from them, think about what you might paraphrase from your sources to help you write your genre piece! 

Week 13

Mon. Nov. 22nd

In Class

  • Week 13 Monday PowerPoint
  • Share your Mentor Publication! Discuss
    • What Elements will you include? What TONE will you chose? What might you borrow (style wise) from your mentor publication?
  • Project 3: Drafting – What to Include
  • Project 3: Drafting – Strategies to explain complex concepts and expand ideas (Summarizing, Quoting and Paraphrasing) Transitional Words \ Phrases 


  • “Popular Culture Is Killing Writing” by Bronwyn T. Williams. Answer the following questions on OpenLab.  
    • What did you think of this text? Explain!  Be honest! Did you find any parts interesting? Did you learn something new?
    • What is it mostly about? Write a 2-3 sentence summary. Be specific. Refer to the text itself. Use quotes even! 
    • What is the genre of the text? What is the tone?
    • Who do you think is the intended audience of the piece? Who is meant to read this text?
    • What do you think is the purpose of this text? Why do you think the author wrote it?
    • Some people argue that popular culture is killing writing, explain their argument.
    • The author disagrees with the argument that popular culture is killing writing. What proof does the author provide that in fact, popular culture is not only killing writing but helps student writing. Provide 1-2 examples.
    • Do you agree or disagree with the author’s argument? Explain! Use examples of your writing to support your argument. 
  • Think about WHAT you are going to include in your drafts. Begin your drafts. Start to PARAPHRASE, SUMMARIZE and QUOTE from your sources!

Wed. Nov. 24th

In Class


  • Catch up on missing work
  • Begin to draft Project 3. MAKE sure to keep the GENRE and GENRE ELEMENTS in Mind! 

My GENRE is    ||    GENRE Elements I must include are 

MY AUDIENCE is || To reach my audience I must 



EVIDENCE (statistics, data, experts, etc.) to include are 

Week 14

Mon. Nov. 29th

In Class

  • Week 14 Monday PowerPoint
  • Consider how to add ethos, pathos and logos to strengthen the message 
  • Introduce and plan for the artist’s statement


  • DRAFT of Project 3 and Artist’s Statement–Due Monday, December 6th
  • Catch up on missed assignments!

Wed. Dec. 1st

In Class

  • Week 14 Wednesday PowerPoint
  • Discuss the genre elements you must include and think about how to incorporate them
  • Take time to draft genre piece and artist’s statement


  • DRAFT of Project 3 and Artist’s Statement–Due Monday, December 6th
  • Catch up on missed assignments!