Week 4 – Wed. Sept. 22nd

Homework Due Monday Sept. 27th

  • Draft of Project 1 DUE MON. SEPT. 27th. I cannot accept late drafts as I will not have time to review them. 

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  1. Alan Pun

    1) I thought of the text is interesting and about how to read like a writer.
    2)It’s mostly about how to read like a writer. It’s also about what should you be writing as you are reading.
    3)The genre of the text is a personal essay. The tone is direct to the point.
    4) The tips were the three questions on the notepad. These questions will help me apply as I read to further deepen my understanding of a reading.
    5)The text is how it is written and how you can make your own.
    6)The author’s purpose is to inform how to read like a writer. The intended audience is writers who want to learn how to read like a writer.

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