Week 9 – Mon. Oct. 25th


  1. For EACH SOURCE, find at least one direct quote from the author that you feel really exemplifies the document’s claims or interpretations (really shows what the author is arguing or trying to say). Or, you might want to choose a sentence that you really agree with (or really disagree with) that you want to refer back to later. You don’t need to repeat something you’ve quoted earlier– this is just a place to take note of quotations you feel you may want to use later.  Put it in quotes– and don’t forget the page number (if applicable). 
  2. Draft at least one source entry and post on OpenLab by Wed. 
  3. DRAFT of Project 2 Due Monday, Nov. 1st   


  1. Justin

    The last sources gave future references that kids can learn and show other kids bad ideas while in school or other places that they may find as fit, for example, they quoted “bullying on a functional show and how the people being bullied don’t like it” and young minds pick up on it and learn that its bad while others agree or disagree they author gave off the impression that not all young minds can be persuaded by negative games or tv

  2. Jasmin Castro

    The article “The truth behind animal testing” by Shany Sun discusses the opposition, benefits, alternatives and her overall conclusion on animal testing. While Shany Sun provides ways we can test products without animal testing, her main point is that animal testing is actually good and that animals that get tested on are treated with care. Shany Sun uses evidence to defend her claim that animal testing is good by quoting a doctor named Dr. Joseph Murray who won a Nobel prize for medicine. Shany Sun adds what Dr. Joseph Murray said, “None of this could have been done without animal experimentation. It is a tragedy and a waste of resources that scientists have to combat the anti-vivisectionists.” In the end her main point was to say that animal testing has actually been beneficial for everyone including the animals. This article was for the many people that are against animal testing because of the process they go through but the truth is that it is actually beneficial for all including animals and that was her point throughout the article.

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