Week 12 – Mon. Nov. 15th

Homework DUE Wed. Nov. 17th

Write a proposal that is at least 200 words. The proposal should answer the following questions in depth. That means don’t just answer the question: What is the genre. Article. But what type of article, maybe even start thinking about a specific publication for the article.

  • A 1-2 sentence statement of what you want to teach your audience (the most important thing you learned in Module 2);
  • The audience you are trying to reach
  • Your purpose (or really how you are hoping your audience will react)
  • The genre you are planning to write in and why you chose it
  • The KEY Elements of the genre (what has to be included to make it an example of the genre!)
  • A plan β€” how do you intend to get started?
  • Anything you might be worried about.Β  What are your concerns about finishing this project?

Use slidesΒ 8 through 27 in this PowerPointΒ to help you.


  1. WaldyG08

    In module 2 I learned a couple of things about composting, and composting in NYC. One of the most important facts that I learned was that composting is one method of helping reduce the amount of trash that fills the landfills in NYC. The cost of maintaining landfills is high and so we can cut that budget by starting to compost things we dispose of like food waste which takes a big part in what gets thrown out. This also means that composting can help fight back climate change because it reduces the amount of greenhouse gases that is emitted from the landfills. I also learned that it helps fight climate change by increasing the uptake of carbon dioxide by plants. The audience that I am trying to reach would be New York city residents that haven’t looked into composting and are interested in starting. By creating this I hope that my audience will start to think about how they can manage their waste by composting and create a cleaner environment in NYC. The genre that I plan to write in is a graphic visual representation, this would be done as an infographic which I think would be the most efficient way to express information. The key elements of an infographic are statistical information, data, and information in forms of images. I plan to make a slide and gather information there and begin to set up a layout of it.

  2. Jasmin Castro

    In module 2 I learned a lot of important information and facts on animal testing. Although everything I discovered throughout my research I found was important there was one main point made that I felt was important. Many different kinds of animals go through so much pain every year in the United States to ensure the safety of products people use everyday. I want people who think it’s okay to test on animals because it has helped human growth to know this. Just because it works does not mean it’s okay to put animals through this. People like celebrities, huge brands, high power people and the president of the United States can make a difference. They have the power to make a difference because people who do anything for a famous person, but the president and government agencies can change this. My purpose is to move a reader to action by stressing the urgency or seriousness of the issue. I am most interested in making a brochure/poster or a graphic comic because I feel it will show visual images of what animals go through. For the comic I can make a storyline with images that I feel most people would prefer than an article because it’s more visual. The constraints of the genres I am interested in is that not a lot of information or words can be used. The KEY elements of the genre I am interested in which is a comic, would have to be images/drawings since it is a comic book visualization has to be involved. I could look for a website to start creating my images on animal testing. Some concerns I have would be that it might be too much for me to handle.

  3. Jamal Antar

    in module 2 I learned how the NFL doesn’t value their player’s health or safety while playing the sport. I also learned how the NFL has yet to pay all of their retired by trying to make them go through multiple obstacles like cognitive levels and played seasons. I want to teach my audience to make better decisions when it comes to pursuing their dream sport as there are many medical risks and possibly legal that could come along with it. The audience that I’m trying to target is future professional football players. I think the player will react positively because many players are starting to catch on to the NFL when it comes to player safety. I think me doing a documentary would be the most beneficial in my case because if I could show pictures or video evidence of what goes on behind the scenes it would see as something reliable and trustworthy. the key elements of the documentary will be reliable evidence especially video evidence, which shows issues, emotions, and reactions. my only real concern would be me getting lazy and losing focus.

  4. Diamond Williams

    In module 2, I took a deeper look into the school to prison pipeline , and other people’s stories and solutions regarding this topic. One of the most important things I found out while researching is that many people don’t realize when they are perpetuating sttp or don’t really know what to call it when they see this happening. I just want to teach people an overview of the school to prison pipeline because many people don’t know about it , I just found out about this topic in my last year of highschool so I don’t think a lot of people know about this. The audience i’m trying to reach is students and parents i think that they are really the ones who have to power to change this and stop this from happening, i think that letting students know about these things from a young age will instill something in them that would let them know that is is something that needs to be fixed. I’m hoping that my audience would react in a way that would make them want to change the current schooling system that puts black and brown students at such a disadvantage. I’m planning on writing a fairy tale , because i feel as though a fairy is a simple way to get your point across or give information to an young child without making them bored, i also think that teaching people about the school to prison pipeline in a passive way is a good way of instilling the topic in someone’s mind. I think that one of the key elements of a fairy tale is the moral or the point that you are trying to get across. I kinda already started on my fairy, I’m still trying to decide if it makes sense or not. I started with the setting of the story and I am still trying to find a way to inform people about the school to prison pipeline in a story form. The thing I am most worried about is figuring out a good way of telling a story about the pipeline because there are many different ways of doing so.

  5. Justin

    In module 2 I discovered in my research I found important facts on one main point. That was important to me. Many different kids go through mental pain but to ensure the safety of young minds parents should be more aware of whats they do. I want parents to think more about the games they play and test their minds because it has helped them grow to know that they are still learning. Just because it works does not mean it’s good to put all kids through this. My purpose is to inform a reader to think about the cause and effects by stressing the long-term effects of staring blankly at a game I am most interested in making a persuasive /fact board because I feel it will show strong ideas and research of what the impact on violent video games. For the persuasive, I can make a strong claim with heavy pov that I feel most parents would prefer than a verbal chat because it’s more background information. The types of genres I am interested in are lots of information or words that can be understood easily. The KEY element of the genre I am interested in which is factual writing that would have to be strong and solid since it is an essay. I could look for a website to start to find strong non-bias information on my topic.

  6. Travion Burke

    In module 2 I learned that plastic pollution can not only end up littered around the earth but it can end up in the food we eat and it can harm animals. This issue is important to me because if it worsens over time it can become a really big issue possibly high levels of animal contamination etc. The audience I will be trying to reach is the world leaders they are the people who can create laws to ban or cut down on the use of plastics before it too late. My purpose it to get the world leaders come together, use my ideas reformed or not and make a change. Im hoping they will be able to cut down on the amount of plastics that the world can produce which will help the issue at hand. I hope they realize that this is an issue that can effect food quality and animal saftey all around the world. The genre I would be using is either a speech or something else. In order for it to be a speech I must inlcude a professional tone and greet whover I am speaking to which is the audience I intend to reach. I plan to get started by greeting the audinece then introducing my topic to then grab their attention. Im worried that I wont be able to find a good genre but I will pull through eventually.

  7. Christian Luna

    1) In Module 2, I learned more about sleep deprivation and the most important thing that I learned were the health risks that a person can have if they don’t get the correct amount of sleep.
    2) The audience that I am trying to reach is the age group that are higher at risk for health issues relating to sleep deprivation. The age group that is more at risk for health issues is 35-55.
    3) My purpose is to spread the information about the increase of health risks relating to sleep deprivation and the cause of those health risks.
    4) The genre that I am planning on writing in is a scientific paper because I believe that I will reach my audience in a formal matter and would let me include facts in order to support my claim. Also because I want it to be the least biased piece and I want to just inform my audience.
    5) The key elements of a scientific paper is that I need to describe how an experiment was conducted and then explain if it supports the claim that was made. I have to make a claim and then make sure that there was an experiment conducted and make sure that the result of that experiment supports the claim that I made.
    6) I plan on getting started by using one of my sources and following its structure in order to create my piece. This will help me make sure that I am writing a scientific paper properly.
    7) Some concerns that I have for finishing this project is that I might not be able to write the scientific paper properly and somehow make it seem opinionated and this will change my genre without wanting it to.

  8. Christopher

    In module 2 I learned that technology in our education really impacted students’ and teachers’ lives. Honestly, they were plenty of pros and cons, but I believe the cons outweighed the pros. Whether it was low-income families whose children’s parents weren’t able to keep track of their child’s progress in school because they had to work or schools providing students with technology and wifi. This topic was very interesting to me because it’s a situation that we are currently going through. The audience that I am trying to reach is the department of education. I am hoping that the audience I am trying to reach opens schools back and I encourage students/teachers to stay strong throughout the pandemic because this is a big transition. The genre I plan to write is a blog because it is a discussion with a lot of viewpoints and information. The key elements of the genre I am trying to write are the benefits, cons, and viewpoints on how students/teachers feel about technology changing our education. I intend to start with finding a name for the blog and continue on from there. Something I might be worried about is finishing this project correctly and getting a good score

  9. Jin teng kam

    In module 2 I learn how Air pollution can have very important impact to human because we are killing our earth by our own hand. we are living in a atmosphere full of oxygen that were produce by the nature but we were destroying it for our own goods. i would want to teach my audience how to love earth and take care of earth because global warming is happening. the audience i would be targeting were adult people because most of the adult in the society do not care about the earth situation and this leading to global warming because they using too many fossil fuel from their convenient. my purpose is trying to spread my message showing them how air pollution is killing us and the environment. according to David B “As noted in the report, it is estimated that 9,000,000 persons per year die as a result of air, water, and soil pollution.” Air pollution is a slow and unnoticed able killing machine. the genre I’m planning to do is graphic present because i feel like my topic showing with picture would help understand more. i will start researching at more picture about air pollution effect and news that have impact about air pollution. the worries i have is i were not able to do what i expected and making it not understandable

  10. Kaylee Castaneda

    The most important thing that I learned about during module 2 is that thousands of animals die each year just to test out the makeup that we as consumers use on a daily basis. Another thing is that organizations such as the Humane society want to pass a law where the ban animal testing for good and this is still a challenge that is being taken place. The audience that I’m trying to reach would be teens and also adults that use makeup.
    Im hoping to educate my audience and to inform them how the animals are being treated when tested for makeup. But also to inform them that not all makeup uses animals as testing and there are many brands that are cruelty free. This means that there are certain brands that don’t test on animals and are very well known as well. They can purchase makeup from them instead of brands that don’t. I’m choosing to write it in a blog because many teens will have their attention grabbed onto it say it was published in teen vogue. They talk a lot about the beauty industry and makeup and fashion but it’s good to inform them of what actually goes on behind the industry as well. I feel like adults can also find this attention grabbing if they are into the makeup industry because online it will be easier to grab their attention. Something that has to be included can be my opinion on the topic. I feel like statistics that I learned about along the way as well. I plan on getting started by getting the audience hooked on the beginning, making it interesting and throwing in facts to make them want to read it. My concern would be to run out of ideas and things to say at the end and feel a bit repetitive.

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