Week 7 – Wed. Oct. 13th

Homework Due Monday Oct. 18th

  1. Write a free write on your topic on OpenLab. It should be between 100 and 250 words. You may write it in the comments below.Β 
  2. Find the remaining 2 sources on your topic. Remember, you must have at least 3 different genres of sources. Add them to this form:

    My 4 Sources for Project 2

    Please add your 4 sources to this form. If possible, cite them according to the MLA formatting guide!


  1. Justin

    I learned that Some video games may cause learning, problem-solving, and coordination. but there are ideas about the effect of video games on young people who play video games too much like for hours and no break creates Poor social skills. Time away from family time, school work, and other hobbies science claims that These problems can express worries that overuse to aggressive games can cause rough behavior or violence in video games and other media may, over time corrupt youths by cutting them off emotionally, and can cause nightmares and sleep problems also school performance, and lead to aggressive behavior and bullying in total

  2. WaldyG08

    I learned that compost is described as the general biological breakdown of organic matter. This means that composting is when organic things, organic materials get broken down. When these organic materials like plants, nutrients, scraps of food, and animal pathogens (animal bacteria) decompose it called β€œstabilization of organic matter. This process creates tons of nutrients which are great for plants that can absorb them through the soil. Humic acids are complex molecules that naturally exists in soils, oceans, freshwater, and can be found when creating compost. Humic acids are important because they help with the transport of nutrients from the soil to the plant. I also found out that NYC had stopped composting due to the pandemic and its difficulty to continue during the pandemic, but they had recently begun again.

  3. Christian Luna

    I learned that sleep deprivation can have many negative effects on the human body and can even permanently change the human body. This is why it is best to get the recommended amount of sleep before it becomes an issue. While sleep deprived, the human body becomes more anxious and starts to hallucinate things that aren’t even there. The human body cannot go more than 4 nights without sleep before being considered sleep deprived, problems then start to appear around those nights. Problems such as high blood pressure, heart failure, and diabetes, can occur. Younger age groups tend to have less sleep and thus causing them to become sleep deprived. Bigger cities tend to have the most sleep deprived residents compared to rural areas, this then causes more people to become sleep deprived and then causing health issues.

  4. Christopher

    Education has always been evolving over time. Within the last two years, it was forced to evolve and update to current events. When the pandemic hit schools were forced to continue classes remotely from K-12 and College. Suddenly education was at a new peak. There were no longer desks and dry erase boards. Teachers had to find a new way to deliver the lessons they were teaching to students that are in the comforts of their homes. With that being said technology entered the education system but at a higher level. Instead of using computers and projectors to show a lesson, teachers are now doing full PowerPoint slides and giving assignments that include links instead of reading through a textbook but also giving links to a textbook. Technology has put education in a new era.

  5. Jasmin Castro

    Animal cruelty has been a huge issue throughout time. Most countries have banned animal testing for cosmetic products but the one country who has made it a requirement to test on animals is China. China has tested on many animals and continues to do so even after many people said they should ban testing on animals. Many drugstore and makeup stores have products in their store that have tested on animals. Animal testing has been found to be inaccurate most of the time and even not reliable. Many different animals are tested on not just certain ones. For example, rats, rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs as well.

  6. Justin Irimia

    Our city is activity decaying, yet none of the politicians in charge of the city do anything about it. Daily life has become more and more expensive, rent prices have gone up and the property prices too. The house price index has increased steadily for the past few years. Apartments and stores have price tags that the average man can even afford, a small store costs 2,500 for a single month of rent. We have a lot of vacant buildings and yet this market has zero buyers. Even the most decrepit house that is about to collapse is worth about a month or two of rent. Perhaps if the economy fails then we shall rebuild a better one from its ash’s, but for now one is buying

  7. Jin teng kam

    i learned that Pollution can be a serious problem to the earth and human health. The earth is getting more harmful because of the traffic which is one of the main thing of pollution and we cant get the fresh clean air we used to have anymore because we have highly amount of traffic is increasing every year. i have a research shows that the traffic effect to the pollution have decreasing because we invented cars that don’t need gas and will not produce nitrogen oxides , carbon monoxide and CO2 to the air which will affect the quality of the air. it is called electric car and people found it is better than a gas car because electric can be recycle and will not hurt the earth which do the same as the gas car.

  8. Ahmed shah

    I learned that women athletes don’t get paid enough in sports. I feel like women deserve better pay in sports because women work as much or possibly harder than men and get paid so less. though, there is a really big reason behind all this, the reason being that women’s sports generate less money than men’s sports. The reason is that most of the people who watch sports prefer watching men athletes play sports than women. Even this has reasoning behind it. In the 1900 people didn’t let women play sports because they thought that women are really unathletic but my opinion is that they didn’t give women a chance to prove to men how good they actually are. It takes time to become good in a sport. After all this, everyone has a mindset that men play better than women just because in old times they used to say that women are not good in sports. If they gave women a chance in 1900, i am pretty sure that the outcome would be way different than it is right now. Way more people would be watching women play sports if this outdated thinking process wasnt common anymore.
    I feel like some men should take a stand for these hard-working women athletes because they deserve higher pay. Women basketball athletes get paid an average of 75k and men basketball players get an average of 8.3m. The pay gap is so massive and I feel like this is really unfair to the women basketball players. The only sport that women get similar pay in is tennis. Women get an average of 280k in tennis and men get 335k. I hope that this issue will be solved and justice will be served for these hard-working women athletes.

  9. Mahdi ahammad

    As we all know the policing system has been in question for the inhumane acts of violence as well as the poor judgment etc. and there are many different talks going on about defunding the police and although this is a very complex situation every person has a say in what goes on in their communities and how the police should service them I have come across many different types of arguments that disagree as well as agree with defunding the police personally I say to defund the police but not entirely we should defund them to a certain extent where they can still serve communities and we also gain in the communities for example improving schools investing in quality public housing jobs healthcare etc. I also feel like there should be more training given to the police so they can respond better in certain situations of crisis.

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