Week 8 – Wed. Oct. 20th

Homework Due Mon. Oct. 25

  • Write a summary of your 4 sources. You may post them in a comment below to make sure you hold yourself accountable or you can just start your draft for each of your source entries. Just make sure you do them! 
  • On Monday, you will be briefly presenting your research with our class. You will create a short oral presentation on your research. The presentation should be the summaries you wrote and a brief explanation of how you found the sources or something you found interesting in one of them! Just whatever pops out at you that you think the rest of the class might find interesting! 

Project 2 Draft Due Monday Nov. 8th.


  1. Justin

    a brief summary of my sources is that all the readings had so much in common and some that differ but the ones that had in common often boost one another to help show the point that does violent games impact young minds one reading didn’t agree or disagree it stayed nurtural and gave different ways parents can help kids copy what’s on tv and one way is to talk to them by showing they wats good and what’s bad and as they mature they learn on there own

    • Justin

      the sources that I found had a lot in common for example in the first summary talks about the negative impacts and how young minds can be so easily tricked and make them do things they would never do the second source also boost their claim by adding facts that since there so young they learn from what they see and copy what people do in cartoon there are aggressive animated people who provoke violence and become a bully young minds may think ist fun and imitate their actions but the third source doesn’t have a direct point but instead gives ideas on how parents can help there kids not copy what they see but talking with they and give them some educational games or shows to watch and many others that can help steer them away from negative ideas and finally they last sources gave future references that kids can learn and show other kids bad ideas while in school or other places that they may find as fit, for example, they quoted bullying on a functional show and how the peopled being bullied don’t like it and young minds pick up on it and learn that its bad wile others agree or disagree they author gave off the impression that not all young minds can be persuaded by negative games or tv

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