Week 12 – Wed. Nov. 17th


  1. Find a Mentor Publication. So if your genre is a blog, find an example of a blog that you like and want to model your piece after, or a news article, etc. NOTE, it can be one of your sources or one of the pieces we have read/ watched this year! Write a BRIEF description of what you like about the mentor piece and what text features/ genre elements you might use from it.  
  2. Answer the following questions about YOUR Genre! Be as specific as possible. If you can start to add examples and specifics it will help you with the drafting and writing process. That is going to be the next step. 

The key elements of my genre are …. An example of my genre is …. (**FIND OTHER EXAMPLES**

In order to write an example of a ____ , I would have to include ____. 

The tone should probably be ____  because ___. 

I would / would not include images. I would / would not include facts / statistics….

I would / would not include expert opinions and quotations. 

I would/  would not include text features like headings, bold print, italics, etc. 

DESCRIBE whether you would INFORM your audience about your  issue or PERSUADE them to see your point of view or ENTERTAIN them…

What is the MAIN message or KEY point you want to get across?



  1. Justin

    What if Your Kids Never Let You Sleep Again?
    Nov. 17, 2021, 12:07 p.m. ET
    I found this interesting because she added her own pov and gave strong facts to better boost her point of view and her article also gave off a tone of curiosity and worry because the question was what if you can’t sleep she added the long and short term effects on what she claims to be her overall point

    In order to write an example of an opinion article, I would have to include facts and pov to better the essay and make it strong. The tone should probably be Curious because I am wanting to find out more on my topic and question the facts to make sure they are reliable. I can chart images to show the facts and statistics also I would include expert opinions and quotations. And include the text features like headings, bold print, italics. I would persuade my audience about the issue because they need to know the severity to see my point of view. What is the MAIN message or KEY point you want to get across The main element of the genre I am trying to get across is that parents should talk with their kids and monitor their gameplay to have a better understanding of their lives to do that the article would have to be strong and solid

  2. WaldyG08

    Cheetah: Nature’s Speed Machine
    This example of a infographic I found very interesting because of the way it is organized and the layout of the information. This infographic has ton of information on the topic of a cheetah and it shows it by using statistics on the facts of a cheetah. I also liked this example because they kept the design and the images minimal to create enough space for the information and writing on it .
    In order to write an example of a infographic, I would have to include details and facts about the topic in small paragraphs like shown in the example. The tone should probably be a serious informal tone because that would be best to express information in the most efficient way. I would include images to show the aspects of the topic, I should also include facts and statistics. My infographic should include expert opinions and quotations to make it more trustworthy to the reader. I am going to inform my readers about the topic and hopefully that can convince them to make a change. The main message I am trying to get across would be that composting in NYC can make the environment healthier and help fight back climate change.

  3. Christian Luna

    -The key elements of my scientific paper is labeling different parts of the piece such as, method, results, discussion, and the references. An example of my genre is “Sleepiness as motivation: a potential mechanism for how sleep deprivation affects behavior”. This is an example of how a scientific paper is meant to be written and formatted. Another example of my genre is, “Effects of Morning-Night Differences and Sleep Deprivation on Situation Awareness and Driving Performance”.
    -In order to write an example of a scientific paper, I would have to include the process of the experiments that I will be using to back up my claim. I will have to make sure that I also include the way that this experiment proves and supports my claim about sleep deprivation.
    -The tone should probably be formal because this is a scientific paper and this is reporting the information of the experiment that was conducted and nothing else. The genre talks about what experiment will be conducted and then talks about the procedure and whether or not it supports the hypothesis that was made in the beginning of the experiment. All of this should be in a formal tone because it is meant to inform the audience rather than persuade them with any information.
    -I would try to include images in my piece because it would help the reader better understand the information that is being presented. The images that I would include would be graphs to better support my claim. I would include facts and statistics because that is needed for my genre, my genre is to inform the reader about an experiment with no bias.
    -I would not include an expert opinion because it would be biased and this will affect the genre of the piece and then it would not be a scientific paper.
    -I would include text features like headings, bold prints because it will help the reader know what topic they are reading about and so that there isn’t any confusion in what they are reading.
    -I would inform my audience about my issue because my genre would not allow it to persuade the audience about my issue. I could only inform my audience and state the facts about the issue at hand and the audience can do whatever they want with that information.
    -My main message that I want to get across to my audience is that when sleep deprived, there is an increase in health risks such as, cardiovascular issues, and diabetes. Also that the age group of 35-55 are more at risks for these risks.

  4. Christopher

    1- https://www.insidehighered.com/digital-learning/article/2020/03/25/how-shift-remote-learning-might-affect-students-instructors-and
    What I like about this mentor piece is that it supports my claim that remote learning is harming our education. The text features/genre elements I might use from this article is the format of the brief/ short paragraphs with information on how technology is harming our education to create my blog.

    2- In order to write an example of a blog, I would have to include a name for my block and organize my blog. The tone should probably be sad because I am trying the get the attention of the department of education to feel bad for students struggling with remote learning and re-open schools. I would try to include images. I would include facts and statistics. I would include expert opinions and quotations. I would include text features like headings, bold prints, italics, etc. I would persuade the department of education and embarrass the main idea that students are struggling with remote learning and schools should open back up.

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