The Hate U Give

The Hate U Give (2018) PG-13, 133 min, Cine, Drama.Stars Amandla Stenberg, Regina Hall, Russell Hornsby, Algee Smith. Directed George Tillman Jr. Release date 19 October 2018.

The Hate U Give is basically of a young girl named Starr who has a depth connection with her family but her father has set her and his family with certain rules in order to survive in this racism world.They are instructions on what to do in the event that he or they are ever pulled over by police, but to also not be ashamed of their identities as black children it’s called the Black Panther ten step programs. Starr lives in Graden Heights, a mostly poor black neighborhood and she attends a wealthy, predominantly white private school, Williamson Prep. Where she has a white boyfriend and acts as a totally different person from the when she is in Garden Heights in order to fit in and be accepted. At night she went to a party while being there she saw her childhood best friend from whom she hasn’t seen for years afterwards a gun goes out and Khalil decided to give her a ride home. However they get stopped by a white police officer Khalil, who is black, must exit the car and while outside the car, Khalil reaches inside his car to check in on Starr, and picks up a brush as a joke. The officer, thinking Khalil picked up a gun, fires three shots into Khalil, killing him. Therefore Khalil’s death becomes a major national news story. Leading to find the identity of Starr and deciding if she is a Garden Heights girl who will get involved with the violence in order to make justice. Or a Williamson Prep girl who stays hidden and remains silent with her opinions. Starr will also see who her real friends are, where their loyalties are and stand against her family making her stand by herself in order to heard and reclaim justice for Khalil because he’s one of many innocent who have died.

The story portrayed legal concepts addressed in this course or Civil Procedure this movie talked about a criminal law with a government (prosecutor) v. alleged wrongdoer (defendant), statutory law made by legislators, NY Penal Law and a veridictation beyond a reasonable doubt. They are looking for jail time for the police officer and justice for Khalil. This will take place in a Grand Jury to see if the cases indices which can perhaps lead to a NYC Criminal Court who is charge of misdemeanors and lesser offenses felony arraignments & preliminary hearings. They first have original jurisdiction authority a first court to decide a legal question case originate which is what is happening in this movie.The person will directly be involved in the case who will be directly affected by the outcome. There are also witnesses which Starr is a crucial one and a direct injured a suffered of loss and the need of the declaration of the court’s order to answer the disputed issue declaring if a certain law has been violated. There are also ethics basic concepts and fundamental principles of decent human conduct a professional responsibility legal and moral duty of a professional to apply her/his knowledge in ways that benefit the client, and the wider society. Protected by attorney client privilege prohibited from revealing certain info regarding representation of a client such as the client not. The benefit for wider society here is Black Lives Matter a justice for a black man and all the black community and a protection for Starr not reveling her name in the beginning of the case she requested for that because of her safety.

The events took place in the street it’s between a white police officer being either sentenced to prison or not for a fatal shooting of Khalil a black men. Where Starr must testify and use her voice so Khalil can have justice and not remain unvenged for his death. This is just in the trial courts stage. I think it actually portrays the legal field because first they interrogated the witnesses to see what happen, then they started the investigation and had set a date of court to see if the case will go forth or not. I will highly recommended the movie because the scenes get to you it’s something that makes you wonder why our society is like this, should we have faith and rely on our laws. Who does the law really benefit? All of these type of question come to mind and it’s sad we have to experience this mostly the black community it’s horrible because it something that is still going on in this century. This really affected my view or the law and interested in a legal profession because I want to be a change, a voice to the voiceless. I want to understand why those types of cases are justify and not the ones similar to them just the opposite a black man shooting a white man. Right now it makes me doubt our legal system that it’s unfair and unjustice because it’s not just the movie I see it outside in the media but I want to give the opportunity to see it from the other person shoes, see both sides in order to fully grasp and take a stand.

Court observation Killon V Parrotta

The case I chose is No. 163 Killon v Parrotta from Septeember 15,2016 Court of Appeals – Oral Arguments Archive (   The argument I observed was between Killon respondent and Parrotta the appellant located in the court of appeals state of New York. Killon was saying that the Appellate Division did an error when reaching its decision based on the case that was presented to them. That they didn’t look at the previous cases evidence and facts to it just made a decision based on what was presented to them originally. Another reason is not taking in acknowledgment who the initial aggressor was. Parrota disagrees says the court maybe didn’t see the full facts but still believes the one who was concluded as the initial aggressor was in fact the initial aggressor was correct in there veridiction.

Well I really can’t say much of the case because I don’t fully understand it for example what didn’t the appellate division not see that made the case invalid in the eyes of Killon. I found it surprising how Killon and I can be wrong mentioned previous cases and how they were resolved intertwining to make a point. As well as the remedy for the verdict to be reinstated. The judges and lawyers job was interesting one I couldn’t hear so well maybe she was sick. The other sometimes interrupted which they can do at any time but I think they should waited to see maybe they get to their question. They conducted themselves as very professional and people who aren’t their to play to hear what they got to say and why they believe such thing as well as kind of serious and mean. I found Parrota arguments more persuasive even though I couldn’t really understand what he meant at the beginning confusing me if he agreed with Killon or no about facts and evidence. I liked what he said of who could be the initial aggressor and why stating his reason and facts why Killon is wrong with that point.

FYLC Collaborative Assignment #3: Annoying Ways People Use (Legal) Sources!

A. What did you learn from Stedman’s essay that might apply to your use of legal
sources in your writing?
From reading Stedman’s essay I learned that many readers feel frustrated by what they read like the author mention might see us as a slow driver when we pick a quote and don’t now how to correctly incorporate to our text. I learned that readers can also try to give us the benefit of doubt but many don’t and just think that we are just being sloppy and don’t care. Stedman’s mentioned many error’s that is common for writers to make especially with quotes they include in their writing ;however, he also gave fixes to theses mistakes. One example is Stedman’s says” This author feels like Uncle Barry to me: grabbing right and left for topics (or quotes) in an effort to sound authoritative.The Fix is to return to each quotation and decide why it’s there and then massage it in accordingly. If you just want to use a quote to cite a fact, then consider paraphrasing.” This is saying how many writers use many quote to sound reliable but a better way to cite a fact is paraphrasing which can be helpful when we cite statues or legal sources. Since it’s something we are trying to explain and be as our evidence to back up our legal writing they tend to be a lot of sentences, paraphrasing can help it become smoother and natural conveying the factual information in any type of legal writing we do.

Question 2:
If we ever become in contact with extraterrestrial intelligent life forms it should immediately be told to the United Nations to handle this contacts. They are the best candidate to sit and negotiation with if they ever come here on our planet with other assistance along with the UN. Bábame Hassanabadi says “However, along with legal issues, there might be a tremendous amount of scientific and technical issues that require the assistance of either UN specialized organs like Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS) or non-UN institutions such as the SETI Institute or universities. In either case, outsourcing any part of the negotiation will be within the discretion of the secretary general of the United Nations.” There will also be other institutions to help with the legal issues but mainly the United Nations should be there primarily to decide what to do. So this better proves that we are already prepared and thinking that their is life outside of our own and how we will handle if it ever occurs better said who will handle, it in this case the United Nations. I used “The Annoyances” because a poorly introduced quotation can lead readers to think where did the quote come from? Coming out of nowhere, just included in the writing without any explanation of why it’s part of the writing making the reader be confused on what they are reading. I followed the guideline by signaling that a quote is about to come, stating who the quote came from, and showing how my readers should interpret it.


FYLC Collaborative Assignment #2


My research question is new findings of the multiverse is it truth or a conspiracy? This interested me because it’s something I found fascinating about the,galaxy, something so unknown and yet known. Astronomy is not a field I see my self studying but once and a while I try to keep up with the new achievements they had made and discoveries. It something that we might need to know if global warming happens we should evacuate to a new place to which is possible with the multiverse.

Bibliographic Entry:

Babak Shakouri HassanabadiMonday, June 15, and Babak Babak Shakouri Hassanabadi has an LL.M. in International Law. “Legal Implications of an Encounter with Extraterrestrial Intelligence.” The Space Review: Legal Implications of an Encounter with Extraterrestrial Intelligence, 2015,

Summary of my source:

This source is a law journal article review is basically stating that as humans we believed we are the only ones and a superior species and no one else or thing can come half way of comparing to us. However, it might not be that way it’s probably that there are extraterrestrial that equals us or even are better that us but now we need to figure out a way to address this concern if they ever come. The main point I think was the law that will be applied on aliens if they land in earth will be subject to the territorial jurisdiction. The most important points are to avoid a fight between alien newcomers and human host societies, we should be open minded of both communities both aliens and human treating each other with respect. If they come in peace then existing international law shall cease but this is all under the control of the United Nations. The data that is used is the SETI Institute who investigate a number of activities regarding the search for intelligent extraterrestrial life and, along with their search activities, they have also made a “Protocols for an ETI Signal Detection” of activities detecting extraterrestrial intelligence. A fact is the United Nations is the international organization of all countries recognized in global ruled through preserving the UN agreement and legal documents. The UN Social General is more likely to be responsible in the representation of the human civilization if it comes to that. An evidence is even though we don’t now what’s out there yet doing business and making a partnerships with extraterrestrial its the best way not to start a war. Finding a similarity with intelligent life forms that can lead to a legal doctrines. The authors conclusion is whether or not extraterrestrial intelligence exist or not we will need to be prepare of how our laws will be made accordingly to them.


I agree with this article because since we are talking of the multiverse not knowing if it’s true or not, why couldn’t aliens be such a thing and probably behind them is the answer of the multiverse question. So, if scientist are going to keep investigating the multiverse then they should begin making laws dedicated to the research they are doing. Questions I have is, will the president have any say at all if making these laws? Will scientist have any control if anything is found to claim it as there’s? The UN nations are in charge over these topics relating to my research question is that whoever is thinking of life outside our universe. Whether it’s the multiverse or not someone should be coming up with ways to prepare ourselves for the glory or the downfall if that day ever comes to better all of our the lives. Right now there is no answer of what will occur and it will be a tragic if the same thing happens to us as it did centuries ago with the Native Americans and Christopher Columbus this time us being the Native Americans. There is a solution but what about making it valid or official.

Some rhetorical features in this source is the repetition of laws and aliens and we should begin thinking of them. Another one is hypophora they asked several questions and immediately gave an answer they believed it’s right. The genre’s and the author’s credential seem to be reasonably used here because it’s something scientist do research for trying to find answers to these questions and one prime example is the multiverse they haven’t stop investigating that until is either disproven and proven.  Not sure if these person is also a scientist but she sure knows of laws so she’s taking her point of view on that subject and trying to incorporate it to our daily lives and how helpful it will be, good to know this in a near future or so. Which help be aware of the audience trying to reach scientist, judicial branch, the government etc. more people who should start thinking of this topics for an emergency. The choice of genre affect the meaning and credibility of the document because it’s something that didn’t come from a random, unknown person who is just making stuff up but from someone who is in the field of laws and answering questions that many might have, with evidence and data.


“That is to say, the principles of the Geneva Convention and its additional protocols on the treatment of civilians, prisoners of war, and soldiers who are otherwise rendered hors de combat, or incapable of fighting, should apply for aliens equally and without discrimination as well.”
“However, along with legal issues, there might be a tremendous amount of scientific and technical issues that require the assistance of either UN specialized organs like Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS) or non-UN institutions such as the SETI Institute or universities. In either case, outsourcing any part of the negotiation will be within the discretion of the secretary general of the United Nations.”


Election Night
In this article is shows the graphics of each states and who won the votes for those states and by how much. Right now they are counting the votes before telling the public who has won the election, analyzing each vote and counting all the votes twice to be 100% percent certain. Right now each needs 270 electoral votes to win and with the coronavirus situation this year the voting methods are difficult. At first Donald Trump seems to be winning and I was already giving up on this whole “your vote counts”,but right now Biden seems to be taking the lead. However, there still a long way to go, more battleground states to be won and trump can win on a slide. Which will be devastating hopefully nothing changes and it keeps going like it has until now. Until the very last ballot is counted and one of them hits that 270 mark.


Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

I read the articled called “Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court’s Feminist Icon, Is Dead at 87” by Linda Greenhouse publish in New York Times

I never really heard of this women never knew she was such an iconic feminist, who impacted our world, the females. Which I regret because reading the article it had showed me that she is one of the reason why women had experience so much change, making us question how we are being seen and treated. Bringing change to our society not just for a women, but all gender, male or female, like she said at the end of the day we are people and deserved the same equal rights. I can identify with her she’s a shy little person that’s how many have seen her, many see me like that too, so I find it admirable how she didn’t let that stop her from speaking out and fighting for what she believed is right. She even helped the males have the same right as a women, who were not granted the same rights a women will be given because for a man it seemed as wronged because of all the serotypes giving to both genders. I found it sad how many of her loved one’s had died of cancer including herself losing her mother at such a young age and the love of her life so soon, but still remaining so strong. No matter how many people told her to retire, leave the office, she wasn’t worthy, she’s a female will never be anything because male dominate the world, being discriminated, not being treated as an equal all of these words and so much more. Facing so much hardships ; however,  never once gave up, kept fight and educating herself every single day doing her job at 110% and more at her age: which many will have retired or given up. That I find very praiseworthy and many people should know of her existence.

Legal News Response

The article I chose was called “Columbus Day Or Indigenous Peoples’ Day?” I’m not sure if the author is Leila Fadel but National Desk intern Megan Manata contributed to this report. This was written on October 14, 2019  for the NPR Daily Newsletter and was heard on the Morning Edition.

The article was about the reason’s explaining why the second Monday in October shouldn’t be called Columbus Day instead, Indigenous Day or another name that celebrates the Indigenous communities. Since it’s have been giving memory and honor to a guy who did a lot of damage to that community raping, genocide to their people, pillaging. We supposedly celebrate that day and that person because he found ‘America’, but technically speaking he didn’t even reach America. Their is a lot of controversial of what should happen to this day because Italians see it as a day where they can where finally safe and accepted ;other’s say we need find another way to contributes to all different kinds of people representation of this day for them. But the objection is clear changing the name everywhere eradicating Columbus Day so if can be; Indigenous Day people who were first in America, who where kick out wrongly, abused and killed all of this done by Christopher Columbus.

I 100% support this movement because instead of setting our history right we are telling lies and hurting the Indigenous communities. I didn’t know many of them went to our school’s and that they even had to hear of this man been spoken of with such praises and proudness over, what he supposedly did. I remember being in school and learning of him thinking he was this great man but little did I know the truth. The Native Americans even have to hear that a whole day is dedicated to this man everyone stopping what there doing to honor this man, that’s like a punishment to the Indigenous community when they should be the ones being celebrated for not Columbus. A change needs to be done extinguishing the suffering we keep putting the Native Americans in once and for all. A cruelty is being done towards them when they went through so much over a land they actually respect not like us, who destroy the land with global warming, forests being cut down, destroying animals homes etc. I see Italians point of view but they shouldn’t be identify to this man as a symbol to their country because of all the inhuman stuff he did to this people we need to amend the wrong of our past not just in one state but in all.


Wednesday, 7,2020 2:00p.m-:00p.m

1.0- Carrie’s Hall’s Class Zoom meeting

1.0- Fixing the whole house, cleaning, organizing my clothes and brother’s room too.

0.25- Watching a YouTube video for psychology called “prenatal development”

0.50- Doing homework for Psychology and starting to begin homework for Law and English

1.0- Started to cook chicken with rice and salad

0.25- Took my dog for his evening walk

Reflection- Well this was a different way to keep track of my time, but this are my everyday chores I got to do, I gets annoying at times. I did find it fun converting my time to decimals, because it makes me think harder. I was surprised though on how little time I spend doing homework might be, because I procrastinate making me stressed out at the end of the day. I should probably change that and do a little that day and the next day too not leaving everything for the following day.

Law office

I will like to work in the Rincker Law PLLC its location is NEW YORK OFFICE 535 FIFTH AVENUE, 4TH FLOOR NEW YORK, NY 10017. This is a limited liability company the type of work it does is law practice concentrating in food, farm and family handling both litigation and transactional work.

I would like to work here because they work greatly with animals and have other practices dealing with family. I have always had a tremendous passion when it comes to animals and wish no harm to them. That I can’t bear seeing the injustice they go to and wish to be a voice to them help the defenseless animals no matter the breed or size. Sine they also work with other cases related to family  I can help as well in that field.



FYLC collaborative assignment

“My mother had gone to the hospital for an appointment, to find our about a benign brain tumor a CAT scan had revealed a month ago…Still, she said, the hospital did not apologize when they said they had lost the CAT scan and she had come for nothing. She said they did not seem to have any sympathy when she told them she was anxious to know the exact diagnosis… She said they would not give her any more information until the next time and she would have to make another appointment for that… And when the doctor finally called her daughter, me,who spoke in perfect English–lo and behold–we had assurances the CAT scan would be found, promises that a conference call on Monday would be held, and apologies for any suffering ,my mother had gone through for a most regrettable mistake.” This quote identifies a legal issue is discrimination,language discrimination is that a real legal issue? However, it also can fall in the category of discrimination against civil rights being injustice based upon national origin and race.Amy Tan’s mom was being treated unfairly against the characteristics of her speech, her accent, vocabulary and structure or order of her words when speaking to the doctors.The hospital didn’t feel any remorse for how she felt and instead told her she had to do a whole new one appointment to get a new CAT scan just because of a mistake that was being made from the hospital itself not her. Nevertheless, when her daughter spoke to the doctor’s in perfect English they granted them with a whole new attention,reassures in solving the issue and taking full responsibility of losing the CAT scan.They mostly focused upon the style of speech used by the individual and then being prejudice based upon it, perhaps as well as appearance. Instead of satisfying,helping their patients concerns, needs and clarifying their errors.Can this still exist today? Is their fewer cases like this in the United States? Which courts are involved with this solving this legal issue?