FYLC Collaborative Assignment #2


My research question is new findings of the multiverse is it truth or a conspiracy? This interested me because it’s something I found fascinating about the,galaxy, something so unknown and yet known. Astronomy is not a field I see my self studying but once and a while I try to keep up with the new achievements they had made and discoveries. It something that we might need to know if global warming happens we should evacuate to a new place to which is possible with the multiverse.

Bibliographic Entry:

Babak Shakouri HassanabadiMonday, June 15, and Babak Babak Shakouri Hassanabadi has an LL.M. in International Law. “Legal Implications of an Encounter with Extraterrestrial Intelligence.” The Space Review: Legal Implications of an Encounter with Extraterrestrial Intelligence, 2015, www.thespacereview.com/article/2770/1.

Summary of my source:

This source is a law journal article review is basically stating that as humans we believed we are the only ones and a superior species and no one else or thing can come half way of comparing to us. However, it might not be that way it’s probably that there are extraterrestrial that equals us or even are better that us but now we need to figure out a way to address this concern if they ever come. The main point I think was the law that will be applied on aliens if they land in earth will be subject to the territorial jurisdiction. The most important points are to avoid a fight between alien newcomers and human host societies, we should be open minded of both communities both aliens and human treating each other with respect. If they come in peace then existing international law shall cease but this is all under the control of the United Nations. The data that is used is the SETI Institute who investigate a number of activities regarding the search for intelligent extraterrestrial life and, along with their search activities, they have also made a “Protocols for an ETI Signal Detection” of activities detecting extraterrestrial intelligence. A fact is the United Nations is the international organization of all countries recognized in global ruled through preserving the UN agreement and legal documents. The UN Social General is more likely to be responsible in the representation of the human civilization if it comes to that. An evidence is even though we don’t now what’s out there yet doing business and making a partnerships with extraterrestrial its the best way not to start a war. Finding a similarity with intelligent life forms that can lead to a legal doctrines. The authors conclusion is whether or not extraterrestrial intelligence exist or not we will need to be prepare of how our laws will be made accordingly to them.


I agree with this article because since we are talking of the multiverse not knowing if it’s true or not, why couldn’t aliens be such a thing and probably behind them is the answer of the multiverse question. So, if scientist are going to keep investigating the multiverse then they should begin making laws dedicated to the research they are doing. Questions I have is, will the president have any say at all if making these laws? Will scientist have any control if anything is found to claim it as there’s? The UN nations are in charge over these topics relating to my research question is that whoever is thinking of life outside our universe. Whether it’s the multiverse or not someone should be coming up with ways to prepare ourselves for the glory or the downfall if that day ever comes to better all of our the lives. Right now there is no answer of what will occur and it will be a tragic if the same thing happens to us as it did centuries ago with the Native Americans and Christopher Columbus this time us being the Native Americans. There is a solution but what about making it valid or official.

Some rhetorical features in this source is the repetition of laws and aliens and we should begin thinking of them. Another one is hypophora they asked several questions and immediately gave an answer they believed it’s right. The genre’s and the author’s credential seem to be reasonably used here because it’s something scientist do research for trying to find answers to these questions and one prime example is the multiverse they haven’t stop investigating that until is either disproven and proven.  Not sure if these person is also a scientist but she sure knows of laws so she’s taking her point of view on that subject and trying to incorporate it to our daily lives and how helpful it will be, good to know this in a near future or so. Which help be aware of the audience trying to reach scientist, judicial branch, the government etc. more people who should start thinking of this topics for an emergency. The choice of genre affect the meaning and credibility of the document because it’s something that didn’t come from a random, unknown person who is just making stuff up but from someone who is in the field of laws and answering questions that many might have, with evidence and data.


“That is to say, the principles of the Geneva Convention and its additional protocols on the treatment of civilians, prisoners of war, and soldiers who are otherwise rendered hors de combat, or incapable of fighting, should apply for aliens equally and without discrimination as well.”
“However, along with legal issues, there might be a tremendous amount of scientific and technical issues that require the assistance of either UN specialized organs like Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS) or non-UN institutions such as the SETI Institute or universities. In either case, outsourcing any part of the negotiation will be within the discretion of the secretary general of the United Nations.”


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