October 7    11:30am-4:30pm

1.25 Class with professor coughlin.

0.25 went to the store to buy breakfast

1.0 played video game

1.0 class with professor hall

1.0 went shopping with my grandma

0.50 watch love and hip hop on youtube

This was a different way to keep track of my time. It wasn’t hard but it wasn’t easy. These are everyday things i do.  it changes daily but this is what i did this day. I do everyday chores like cleaning and other things but i like to do my cleaning at night when everyone is asleep so i have no distractions.  i was surprised though on how little time I spend doing homework which is why some of my homework be late but also because of my job and connectivity  problems i have. Something i can do is try doing my Homework when class ends so i won’t have to worry about doing it late  or having problems



Wednesday, 7,2020 2:00p.m-:00p.m

1.0- Carrie’s Hall’s Class Zoom meeting

1.0- Fixing the whole house, cleaning, organizing my clothes and brother’s room too.

0.25- Watching a YouTube video for psychology called “prenatal development”

0.50- Doing homework for Psychology and starting to begin homework for Law and English

1.0- Started to cook chicken with rice and salad

0.25- Took my dog for his evening walk

Reflection- Well this was a different way to keep track of my time, but this are my everyday chores I got to do, I gets annoying at times. I did find it fun converting my time to decimals, because it makes me think harder. I was surprised though on how little time I spend doing homework might be, because I procrastinate making me stressed out at the end of the day. I should probably change that and do a little that day and the next day too not leaving everything for the following day.


October 9th


.50 – Getting Dressed and ready

.50 – Going to the DMV

1.0 – Waiting a the DMV

.50 – Going home

.25 – getting breakfast

.25 – walking to a friends house

1.0 – Staying at a friends house



Timekeeping Record

Wednesday, Oct. 8, 6:40- 10:40am

0.25 – Baby wakes up to eat.

0.50- Take a shower and get dressed.

0.50- Make breakfast and eat.

0.75- Baby wakes up so I get him ready for the day and play around with him.

1.00- Clean my room and fold clothes.

0.15- Taking baby for a shower.

0.15-  Feeding baby.

Reflecting: I personally enjoy doing this timekeeping record. Mostly because I do it on a day to day basis, although in my mind. I always focus on the time and how much I take in everything I do. Mostly because I like to know how long I take on certain tasks so when my baby sleeps I know what things I can get done.


October 8, 2020 


10:30- my first alarm goes off . I ignore it. 

10:45- I snooze the alarm. 

11:00- I finally get up to shower. 

11:45- I am dressed and now proceed to feed my cat. 

12:30 – I make myself some brunch.

2:30- I start my laundry. 

4:30- I get home from the laundromat and fold my clothes.

5:15- I take another shower. 

8:30- I start homework. 

10:00- I eat dinner. 


Thursday’s are usually my day off from work and school. I try to relax or catch up on work on this day. It’s always hard for me to wake up early. My mom says I am in hibernation sometimes lol. 

time keeping

Wednesday October 7, 2020 1:15 pm -5:15 pm

1.0 – Taking a shower and getting dressed.

1.0 – Washing and drying laundry

0.50- Folding clothes

0.50 – walking to and from the Pizza shop

0.75 – Grocery shopping

0.25 – walking to and from picking up my daughter from school.

I thought this experience was kind of cool because I am a person who likes to keep track of everything I do. I am always writing things in my notes and in my calendar to make sure things are organized. Knowing in the back of my head that I had this assignment to do made it easier to stay on task.Within those four hours it was constantly on my mind to keep track of what i’m doing and the time i’m doing it.




2.0 – Communications Homework

0.25 – Feed puppies and kitten

0.25 – get mail

0.25 – Get in car/head to office

1.75 – Help Father Unit at real estate office

This assignment did have me glancing at the clock more than usual. I do not really have an issue recording things in this manner or in an even more detailed fashion. I don’t find it fun or boring, maybe unnecessary unless its needed for record keeping or something of the sort. The way i spent my time was not really surprising, everything seemed pretty typical. unless i have something scheduled such as work, classes, meetings or appointments, my time is available for my needs or others outside of that.




Draw: 1.50 (I was started to draw a piece on Android 18 from the Dragon Ball series, for a challenge on instagram called Blacktober.)

Watch Anime: 1.50 (The anime I was watching is called The God of High School, it’s super interesting and funny to watch.)

Cooking: 1.0 (After I took a nap, I made spaghetti with shrimp to eat. I’m not really good at cooking because I always end up adding too much salt, but this time it was perfect.)

It was kind of hard tracking how much time I spent on each task because I always end up forgetting, but I think I did a good job at guesstimating what time I started. Since timekeeping is vital for being a paralegal, I need to work on paying close attention to when I begin something.



Homework 09/08/2020

11:20- First alarm goes off which i ignore

11:25- second alarm goes off, I wake up and brush my teeth and wash my face as I’m logging into zoom

11:30-3:30- I’m in zoom while making breakfast and watching my siblings. I take notes and sometimes get distracted.

4:00-I leave my house to go to work

4:30- I go into work

7:30- I go on break usually around this time for 30 minutes

8:00- I come back from break

9:30- I close and go home

10:30-11:30- I shower and eat

11:30- I take time for myself for the rest of the night to watch tv or do anything that needs to be done

1:00- I usually get started on homework if I haven’t found time to do it before

3:00- I go to sleep




8:00am: wake up and pray

8:15am: walk to the bathroom, shower and brush my teeth

8:30-40am:get dressed and prepare breakfast

9:10-15am: Eat breakfast and scroll through ticktok

9:20-30am: take my planner to see what homework i have to do today

9:40-10am: complain to my mom about the things i have to do. LOL

10:15-30am: read the bible

10:40-50am: talk to grandma over the phone

11:10-12am: do math homework.