Intro (1101) final exam is OPEN! 12N-meet about CR/NC

Good morning,

Your final exam for LAW 1101, Intro to Paralegal Studies, is now available for you to take on Blackboard, under “Content,” first item under the M&M/C&W excerpt folders.  You must complete it today (Wednesday, December 16, 2020) during any two-hour period until 5pm, in one sitting—so once you start the exam, you must complete and submit it before logging off Blackboard.  Two hours after you begin, Blackboard will automatically submit the exam.  If you have questions or you need additional time, contact me at 718.260.4939.

Info about the CR/NC grade also is available!  You should have received it in an email from the College, plus it’s posted here under our “Class notes & materials” and “Events & info” tabs.  I will open our class Zoom link at 12 noon to discuss the policy with anyone who would like to do so (not 11:30am like I previously said–I realized I have an advisement session then).

Finally, some of you may have noticed that your Intro quiz grades dropped–it’s just because I had incorrectly set the scoring, so some questions were assigned 10 points when they all should have been assigned two points.  The maximum total score was 20 (or 22 with the bonus questions).  So your performance was the same, just your numerical score may have changed.

GOOD LUCK on this and all your final exams, let me know if you have questions on anything, and maybe I’ll see you at noon today!


Prof. C.


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