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A law office i would like to work at is Arrowood LLP. Arrowood LLP is a Boston based litigation boutique law firm that focuses on complex civil litigation and trial work. The founding attorneys have extensive experience preparing and trying cases in state and federal courts,and trying cases in state and federal courts.. The reason i chose this firm is because i love helping people and i feel like this is the best court. I want to use what i learn in the city tech law program and use my expertise that i have and take it there. I also chose this law office because its not in NY and it gives me the courage to explore my options outside the city and the court is very known in Boston. The way they help people and bring justice is the same way i want to. Life may throw barriers at me and i will always come up above it.  I am a person who always does what they suppose to do and even now i have barriers but i use my connections and help to rise above it

Law Officer

The Law firm I would like to work at is the Law firm of Adam Kalish located at 182A 26th St, Brooklyn, NY 11232. It is a private firm. They practice business and corporate law, Real Estate law as well as criminal law. It is a Law firm led by Attorney Adam Kalish who held the position of special counsel to the New York state senate financial committee.i would like to work there specifically because of real estate law. They specialize in representing the property owners in disputes with tenants and renters. My family owes properties in New York so this interests me heavily. the The link to their website is this

Law office

The law office that I’d like to work at is the Law Office of Keith J. Barry, Esq located at  1472 E 55th St, Brooklyn, NY 11234. It’s a family law firm where they take care of family related cases such as issues between or you can say concerning spouses, parents and children as well. This law firm takes all the cases that are brought to them to heart and they make sure that’s their responsibility to make sure that the cases are handled the right way. I would like to work there because i one day want to become a family lawyer and i feel like working in a firm that correlates to my major would give me an idea of what i will be getting into career wise.



Law Office

The law office I would like to work in is the Law office of Rachel Einbund, PC. It’s located in 118 E  28th St #1012, New York, NY10016. It’s an immigration law firm that specializes in many different immigration cases. For example, some are like green cards based on marriage, asylums, or family petitions. Also in this firm everyone is treated as equal no matter your race, gender, religion, or your immigration states. It shows as a nice big welcome for clients and making them feel comfortable with the law office and their attorneys. I’m mainly interested in this law firm because I want to become an immigration lawyer and I would someday want to work in a firm that is a caring and judgment free zone. Where the main purpose is to help clients to the best of our abilities with their immigration status. 

The law office

I was determined to be an lawyer when I was in my middle of tenth grade. So I knew on what category I have my interest on.I wants to work with Addabbo and Greenberg located on Pickman Building118-21 Queens Blvd Suite 306, Queens, NY 11375. They work with felony,arrested or investigated for misdeneor,personal injury, DWI, real estate on those cases.I wants to have an experience on those that category that will help me to determine the truth or wrong of a case also ill be able to analyze people behavior with their side of story.



Law Office

Law has been something that has always intrigued me, especially with the things that are now taking place all around. Openly racist individuals are now walking around the streets without a care in the world targeting many individuals for reason in which I fail to understand. With that being said I want to work for the District Attorney office. In this office they determine if charges should be brought up on individuals who have “broken” the law. In my eyes now a days certain individuals have gotten free from certain things while many other individuals are suffering. A lot of injustice has been going on all over, and I feel as if there should be more individuals who try to create that change that many have been hoping for, and bring justice to the individuals whose lives has been taken away.I want to be that voice for these individuals so that is why I would want to work at the District attorneys office.

Manhattan District Attorney’s Office

Address: 1 Hogan Pl, New York, NY 10013

Law office

I will like to work in the Rincker Law PLLC its location is NEW YORK OFFICE 535 FIFTH AVENUE, 4TH FLOOR NEW YORK, NY 10017. This is a limited liability company the type of work it does is law practice concentrating in food, farm and family handling both litigation and transactional work.

I would like to work here because they work greatly with animals and have other practices dealing with family. I have always had a tremendous passion when it comes to animals and wish no harm to them. That I can’t bear seeing the injustice they go to and wish to be a voice to them help the defenseless animals no matter the breed or size. Sine they also work with other cases related to family  I can help as well in that field.



Law Office

I would like to work at the Aston & Bird Law Firm, which practice corporate law. Their address is 90 Park Ave, New York, NY 10016 and their website is

The reason why I want to work there is because I want to gain experience in dealing with corporate law. With this experience, I want to use it to become a freelance paralegal and open my own business so that attorneys can hire me, instead of the other way around. In addition, I might gain information on how to run a business properly, how to avoid certain mistakes, and how to market.

Being a freelancer is more ideal for me due to my introverted personality. I can choose to work from home and I can choose my own schedule.

Law office

I would like to work at this District Attorney’s office. The District Attorney is a government agency located in 1st Hogan Place, New York. It is responsible for reviewing police arrest reports as well as determining whether to bring criminal charges against those who get arrested. The reason I would like to work in the DA’s office is because I feel like I can create change while working there and make a step towards equality.

law office

A law office that i would be interested in working in is called “The law offices of Frederick Brewington”. It is a litigation firm and one of the largest African American owned law offices located in Long Island at 556 Peninsula Blvd , Hempstead New York, 11550.

The reason I am compelled to work within this firm is because of the tremendous attention it devotes towards civil rights.They fight for issues concerning police misconduct, voting rights , wrongful death, employment discrimination, medical malpractice and personal injury just to name a few.

As a black woman , I am very passionate when it comes to fighting for equality and making sure minorities get the justice they deserve. On a day to day basis, people of color face racial discrimination and I find it extremely admirable that there is an entire firm dedicated to being apart of the solution. Protesting for our rights is just one way towards making a difference ; but if I were able to work in a law firm where i can physically be involved in cases fighting right at the front line, I would indefinitely-without a doubt deem myself as successful.