Quiz is available! Meet on Zoom at NOON today!

Good morning!

DON’T FORGET, this morning you will take quiz #4 in Intro (1101), then meet on Zoom at 12 noon for class.  The quiz is now available on Blackboard!  It’s under “Content,” at the bottom of the list.  You must complete it TODAY (Monday, December 14, 2020), you will have 45 minutes to complete it before it “automatically submits” but you likely need 30 minutes or less.  Once you start the quiz, complete and submit it in one sitting.  You may not start the quiz after 12 noon.  At 12 noon we’ll meet on Zoom to review for the final exam which is Wednesday, Dec. 16.  If you have any questions during the quiz, you may call me at 718.260.4939.

See you soon!

Prof. C.

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