who I am!

Life is a beautiful gift by god. But its also a gift where we gets the chance to become what we want.I always wanted to be something, something that impact society differently, that may be common but leave a significant importance. Then I got my first law class in high school and I liked it. Its driven me so crazy that it made me go for law major in college. I know, a lot of people wants to be lawyer but I wants to become an judge. I wants to be one of the justice pillar for nation for our new generation.Beside that I love to read and listen music. I like novels that has fiction and romance also different type of music like Kpop ,arabic music,bengali,urdu,hindi,english and Turkish music. I like rap songs too. so you can see I’m very music person. And about life style, I don’t follow it that much. I don’t care about society neither get worried about getting judge by others but I do get scared of wild animals and imaginary ghost. So,thats it, I’m very basic ,so doesn’t have anything very particular.

4 thoughts on “who I am!

  1. Hi Samaratul,

    I feel as if high school has been an eye opener for the goals we wish to purse in life. Law has became one of my passions because of a class that I took in high school as well. Im glad that you want to make an impact in society because we need more people to make a stand on america’s current system.

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