Ruth Bader Ginsberg

We did not simply lose an Icon with the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, we lost a star that burnt out too soon in time when light is needed most. I believe that these words accurately portray what she meant to Women, Progressives and the U.S. Legal system. As emotional as that sounds, it is my opinion that the current political landscape is hell on earth with Ginsberg having been one of the few representatives moderates such as myself can latch on to. I find it ironic that i write this today, on the day of her replacements (Amy Barrets) hearing who many believe to signify a roll back in women’s equality. In “Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Supreme Court’s Feminist Icon, Is Dead at 87”  By Linda Greenhouse, and published by the New York Times. Linda writes a reflection of Ginsberg’s life and the impact she has had on our legal system. The cases she had won for women’s rights would unthinkable if they had happened fifty or more years ago. She made it her mission to carry the burden of gender equality in a heavily male favored system on her back which is nothing short of saintly. Truly an outstanding woman and one i hope inspired others to try and take up her mantle.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Calling Ruth Bader Ginsburg an “icon” doesn’t suffice because she is so much more than that. I know there are more words synonymous to icon, but for this generation we need her, she has done a lot for the United States. Her work is relevant in history and the time of the world right now. Passing away at 87 is such a big number and we cannot thank her enough for living that long. In the article it states, “Ruth Bader Ginsburg began her career as a justice where she left off as an advocate, fighting for women’s rights. In 1996, Ginsburg wrote the majority opinion in United States v. Virginia, holding that qualified women could not be denied admission to Virginia Military Institute.” With her passing everything that she has been fighting for is now in danger because abortion laws will be inadequate and how many will be perceived in society will change negatively too. I am still at loss for words. Deep condolences Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

I read the articled called “Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court’s Feminist Icon, Is Dead at 87” by Linda Greenhouse publish in New York Times

I never really heard of this women never knew she was such an iconic feminist, who impacted our world, the females. Which I regret because reading the article it had showed me that she is one of the reason why women had experience so much change, making us question how we are being seen and treated. Bringing change to our society not just for a women, but all gender, male or female, like she said at the end of the day we are people and deserved the same equal rights. I can identify with her she’s a shy little person that’s how many have seen her, many see me like that too, so I find it admirable how she didn’t let that stop her from speaking out and fighting for what she believed is right. She even helped the males have the same right as a women, who were not granted the same rights a women will be given because for a man it seemed as wronged because of all the serotypes giving to both genders. I found it sad how many of her loved one’s had died of cancer including herself losing her mother at such a young age and the love of her life so soon, but still remaining so strong. No matter how many people told her to retire, leave the office, she wasn’t worthy, she’s a female will never be anything because male dominate the world, being discriminated, not being treated as an equal all of these words and so much more. Facing so much hardships ; however,  never once gave up, kept fight and educating herself every single day doing her job at 110% and more at her age: which many will have retired or given up. That I find very praiseworthy and many people should know of her existence.


Although this might sound insane for a person and woman who is majoring in law and paralegal studies, I have never been aware of Ruth Ginsberg’s existence. She was the 2nd women appointed to be an associate justice of the Supreme Court.To find out that a lot of things in my life I wouldn’t have been able to reap the benefits of , if it was not for her fighting for many of women equality is mind blowing ; but I am glad to have learned about her and her countless efforts to give women and men equality.

Ruth Ginsberg was a fighter ! She fought for what she believed in. Some of those things she fought for was : Woman to be able to be admitted into state funded schools, the right for women to serve on juries, for woman to be able to have bank accounts and sign mortgages without needing a male co-signer, women equal pay, pregnant women in a workplace, and she played a part in abortions and so much more.

Not only did Ruth Ginsberg fight for women equality, she fought for men equality as well, especially when it came to childcare. She wanted both men and women to be able to play the same roles, which I one hundred percent agree with. We are both people and no one should get more or less treatment in any predicament.

I believe she was a hero and I aspire her. Rest in Peace Notorious RBG.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

As we all are still trying to overcome a very overwhelming and destructive pandemic, we have received some awful news for the American people. On the 18th of September, 2020 in her Washington, D.C. home, the second woman to ever serve on the U.S Supreme Court appointed in 1933 by President Bull Clinton, the notorious, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has passed away due to complications from pancreatic cancer. We did not simply just lose an amazing soul, but we lost someone who has spent her entire life not only being a feminist icon, but also fighting for what matters for all lives in the United States. With Justice Ginsburg’s position on the U.S Supreme Court, it allowed a lot of individuals to feel at ease knowing she would issue her absolute best judgment on the issues we see that threatens the constitution, as she have been. Justice Ginsburg is known for many things, including her constant fight on laws and cases that threatened the right all women should be entitled to (see her opinions on the Supreme Court’s historic 1973 landmark Roe v. Wade. and how critical her position was on the case). Unfortunately with her passing, the future in abortion laws and a lot of other rights pertaining to women’s control over their bodies is now in danger. We will not know the future of this among the countless other things that can and will be affected by her death, but we should spend this time celebrating her life, legacy and strengths for all of these years and protest to ensure the government

I would like to offer my condolences to the family of Justice Ruth Ginsburg, and pray that her soul Rest’s In Everlasting peace in Jesus name I pray, amen.


Author: Linda Greenhouse

Posted: 09/18/2020

Sad news – but extra credit & Law in Culture opportunities!

Esteemed Students,

You may have learned that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died yesterday (Friday, September 18).  In my view, this is a tremendous loss to the legal community, of which you are now a part, and to our nation.  Justice Ginsburg was known as “the face of the Trump resistance” and the “Notorious RBG.”  She was a trailblazer in the field of civil rights, particularly for women’s rights, for which she fought tirelessly as an attorney and as a judge.

RBG would want you to earn extra credit as a result of her passing.  If you would like to earn up to four extra points on your midterm exam in either Intro (1101) or Civil Procedure (1103), please read this or another article about Justice Ginsburg and post a reflection on it and Justice Ginsburg’s life here on OpenLab.  Please write at least 150 words and should identify the article or other source you read including its title, author, and publication where you read it (such as New York Times).  You may write positive or negative things about RBG–though I am a tremendous fan, you don’t need to be in order to earn extra credit.  Please check “RBG” as the category.

She would also want to be the subject of your “Law in Culture” review.   Tonight (Saturday, Sept. 19) at 10pm, CNN is showing “RBG,” an excellent documentary on Justice Ginsburg’s life, for free.  I saw it, and it’s excellent!  Here is a link to information about it, including clips and where to find it.  (For whatever it helps, CNN is channel 78 on my television, in Brooklyn with Spectrum cable.)  In the link, scroll down for other interesting tidbits like RBG’s workout routine, her “#MeToo” moment, and why some people have tattoed her picture on their bodies.  If you watch the documentary and would like to write your Law in Culture review on it instead of something you named previously, that’s totally fine, just let me know.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, see you Monday,

Prof. C.