1.In Stedmans essay I learned how to not use certain quotes and that readers will get annoyed with the way you utilize your sources. He compared it to a slow driver and made an overall analogy to road rage. Also that readers will judge you and consider your writing sloppy based on how you use your quotes and sources. We also learn that readers do not like it when they read a quote and don’t know what they’re suppose to think about ahead of time. As a solution to this issue Stedman tells us “in the majority of situations, readers appreci- ate being guided to and led away from a quotation by the writer doing the quoting. Readers get a sense of pleasure from the safe flow of hear- ing how to read an upcoming quotation, reading it, and then being told one way to interpret it. Prepare, quote, analyze.” Helping me to understand a new format for utilizing my sources which is to prepare for your quote, utilize it, and explain how it is relevant to your overall writing.

2.One of the quotables in my legal source entry is one that says “The feelings of frustration and marginalization among longtime residents who are displaced by gentrification are magnified as landlords often turn to aggressive and abusive tactics”. When using this quote in my text I utilized his Prepare, quote, analyze format. As in the text I was speaking on how landlords will go to excessive extremes to ensure residents move out of one of their buildings. I then input the quote and finally I discussed said quote and what it meant and what it’s importance was to the text. With it being an example of how gentrification has negatively effected hundreds of people in NYC alone. I believe that in utilizing this format my inclusion of the quote made more sense to the reader, thus satisfying their needs.

Annoying ways people use Quotes

In Stedmans essay I learned about picky eaters and the way writers have to deal with them because of the random quotations and in the text he says ” I find that teachers do a disservice when we fail to alert students to the kind of things that some readers might be annoyed at—however illogical these things sometimes seem. ” and I also learned about Armadillo Roadkill which is “dropping in a quotation without introducing it first” which I never knew about because when I read I just read I never notice the quotations of even bother to notice where the quotations come from. And when I connect this to legal writings I realized that paralegals have to make sure that they analyze everything and their sources in order to move on and processed. Everything has to be accurate.

In my source entry on “Relationships” I used a legal source which talks about young girls being trafficked for sex and in the text it said how “ In order to stop the perpetuation and revictimization of sexually exploited youth, states should join the movement in passing safe Harbor laws, modeled on existing New York Law” which means that states should join together to stop girls from being trafficked and that was a quote that I used from the source, Now what I did wring was put the link to the legal source that I used so that people can see that source that I was using quotes from  and that was something that some picky readers according to Stedman don’t like

Annoying ways people use quotes

In Stedman’s essay I learned various ways in how and how not to use quotes. One thing I did not know is that people really use a lot of quotes and according to Stedman “It takes over the writers authority”. This he refers to as “Uncle Barry and his encyclopedia of useless information”. Also, I learned that everything does not have to be quoted and it could be paraphrased as an alternative. When thinking about why this is very important when it comes to legal source or legal writing is because when it comes to court decisions most likely the judge, attorney or Paralegal would need to research for a better understanding and outcome.

In my source entry on teenage abortion, I quoted “Each child is an individual person, not merely an adjunct to this world; children are neither supplements to the lives of adults or accessories to surrounding adult. Children are not merely passive recipients of environmental and parental impact.” And also “A mature child’s right to make her own decision regarding abortion and contraception is constitutionally protected from state or parental interference.” In Stedman’ essay referring to “I cant find the stupid link” applies here because I used no citation at all. What I should have done was reference the author so a reader would know where to look for the source.


  1. I learned from Stedman’s essay that readers will get frustrated and not take you seriously when you do not properly use a source to contribute to your text. They will judge you if you have not properly cited or quoted your work and instead choose to think of what you are trying to say as unreliable. I learned It is very hard to write something studious without constantly quoting a previous source, some times even if you think you have an original idea that belongs solely to you, someone may have written it and been accredited for it before you. This is even more true in legal writing. You will constantly be referring to previous legal writing and sources to justify your work and what you say to give it any merit. For example, our legal source entries that we used law journal articles to write would not be taken seriously by our professor had we not appropriately used and cited the source when necessary.
  2. My quotable from the source entry was about how the author believed the judgment made in the case was correct and i did not agree with his blatant bias in the way the article was written. I believe i used “dating Spider-Man” correctly in my source entry. Stedman says that their are times when starting a paragraph or essay with a quoting is appropriate and in same cases can make it more powerful. In my case, i was simply answering it like a question from the prompt.

FYLC Assignment #3


1- I learned from Stedman’s essay that The writers Neglect sometimes to keep the reader on track about the book. In addition, it gets more harder when readers think that you’re unaware. Primary sources of law are authoritative and state law. They come from official parties. They include treaties, decisions of courts etc. Furthermore, a memorandum is a written paper that used in a company. In these papers, we can include the vocabulary words spelling correct format etc. The most important thing that a writer should give is to keep The reader connected to the point of you of the book. 

2- In the article “WHOSE CHOICE? PSYCHOTROPIC MEDICATION AND THE ARMED FORCES”. In this article, the author talks about the soldiers that they have to take drugs and different kind of medicines to stay on the field. As given in the article “In military combat settings,1 the use of psychotropic medications can be highly desirable for myriad reasons: for performance enhancement; to stay awake and alert for long periods of time; as a way to calm nerves in *202 highly stressful situations; to ease the symptoms of depression or anxiety disorders; or to preserve the mental health of the service members2 in combat. Service members experience various coercive pressures in their relationships with mental health treatment and psychotropic medications”. This quote states that the soldiers need different kinds of medicines to stay alert in the Warfield in addition even if they want to sleep they have to take some kind of drug to sleep. I used I can’t find the stupid link because I just jump right into the topic are you used I can’t find the stupid link because I just jump right into the topic.

FYLC Collaborative Assignment #3: Annoying Ways People Use (Legal) Sources!

A. What did you learn from Stedman’s essay that might apply to your use of legal
sources in your writing?
From reading Stedman’s essay I learned that many readers feel frustrated by what they read like the author mention might see us as a slow driver when we pick a quote and don’t now how to correctly incorporate to our text. I learned that readers can also try to give us the benefit of doubt but many don’t and just think that we are just being sloppy and don’t care. Stedman’s mentioned many error’s that is common for writers to make especially with quotes they include in their writing ;however, he also gave fixes to theses mistakes. One example is Stedman’s says” This author feels like Uncle Barry to me: grabbing right and left for topics (or quotes) in an effort to sound authoritative.The Fix is to return to each quotation and decide why it’s there and then massage it in accordingly. If you just want to use a quote to cite a fact, then consider paraphrasing.” This is saying how many writers use many quote to sound reliable but a better way to cite a fact is paraphrasing which can be helpful when we cite statues or legal sources. Since it’s something we are trying to explain and be as our evidence to back up our legal writing they tend to be a lot of sentences, paraphrasing can help it become smoother and natural conveying the factual information in any type of legal writing we do.

Question 2:
If we ever become in contact with extraterrestrial intelligent life forms it should immediately be told to the United Nations to handle this contacts. They are the best candidate to sit and negotiation with if they ever come here on our planet with other assistance along with the UN. Bábame Hassanabadi says “However, along with legal issues, there might be a tremendous amount of scientific and technical issues that require the assistance of either UN specialized organs like Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS) or non-UN institutions such as the SETI Institute or universities. In either case, outsourcing any part of the negotiation will be within the discretion of the secretary general of the United Nations.” There will also be other institutions to help with the legal issues but mainly the United Nations should be there primarily to decide what to do. So this better proves that we are already prepared and thinking that their is life outside of our own and how we will handle if it ever occurs better said who will handle, it in this case the United Nations. I used “The Annoyances” because a poorly introduced quotation can lead readers to think where did the quote come from? Coming out of nowhere, just included in the writing without any explanation of why it’s part of the writing making the reader be confused on what they are reading. I followed the guideline by signaling that a quote is about to come, stating who the quote came from, and showing how my readers should interpret it.


FYLC Annoying Ways!

Question 1:

After reading the source“Annoying Ways People Use Sources” by Kyle Stedman, he basically saying that how we writers do not really use quotation marks, simply just start writing the quote which makes it seems like copy and paste. And paraphrasing what the author said, don’t define in our own words. Like how Stedman has said on page 253 that “I understand that I couldn’t tell…..I swear I did some research! see? here’s a citation right here!”As this quote is mentioning that  I don’t just suppose to paraphrase it, try to put it in my own words, heave to put it in my own interpretations too, and just putting a quote at the end consider plagiarism.

Question 2:

The article  DECONSTRUCTING RACISM IN AMERICAN SOCIETY–THE ROLE LABOR LAW MIGHT HAVE PLAYED (BUT DID NOT) IN ENDING RACE DISCRIMINATION: A PARTIAL EXPLANATION AND HISTORICAL COMMENTARY by Steven H. Kropp talks about how discrimination was at its peak at the time of the New Deal. Common people were actual victims of that situation. During this new deal program, taxes got so high to be paid. Steven H. Kropp states that “the American labor movement is inescapably linked to intentional racist oppression.231 While this problem is not unique to the United States, the American labor movement notably *398 engaged in an often brutal campaign of racial exclusion from the founding of the American Federation of Labor” and “NIRA codified wage differentials in such a way that even when a Black employee performed more important tasks than a White employee, he would frequently have a lower job classification and hence a lower wage than his White counterpart”.(Deconstructing racism in American society)-These quotes tell us how NIRA was the one act that really differentiates in wages of blacks and white workers for example if blacks did more work than whites. Blacks still certified as lower wages workers and whites would have higher wages than them. That’s how unfair it was at that time. Kropp more said that it’s really sad for us Americans to know that how our history is brutally involved in racism and basically led minorities down. The guideline that I followed from Stedman’s essay is ” Dating Spiderman” because I started with little background information to make it interesting for readers and then used a quote to make my point more valid and gave interpretation about what the quote is talking about. I didn’t just summarize it but stated my opinion too and tried to make it interesting for my readers.

Annoying Ways people use sources

Question 1:

In the article “Annoying Ways People Use sources the authors purpose was to inform the readers that there are certain ways you would use evidence especially when you have to cite something. I learned from him that you need to add the author after you add the evidence. Also that we need to give a brief introduction when putting evidence in. When I was in high school I use to just put evidence in and expect the reader to know what I am talking about. So reading this kinda now makes me question how I got good grades on my essays.

Question 2 :

In the Article BLACK, WHITE AND BLUE: BIAS , PROFILING, AND POLICING IN THE AGE OF BLACK LIVES MATTER, by Bridgette Baldwin the author explains how implicit bias and the idea of African Americans being “criminals” is something in which has been passed down from centuries. As a result of that the author explains to the readers how living in America as a black individual it open ore doors to abuse, and excessive force on them ,Baldwin says “When it comes to minority suspects, police officers are more likely to use excessive force to initiate a stop or make an arrest. Minority suspects, particularly African American males, are perceived as more threatening, less compliant, and more violent. The linking of blackness to criminality will shape whether an unarmed African American will be shot when confronted during a traffic stop3(Baldwin)”.  The author explains that Black individuals are more likely to be falsify , harmed , or even killed due to the stereotypes and the way black individuals are the ones who are most likely to be criminalized due to the many implicit biases that have been either passed down, or being taught.I followed Stedmans guidelines for ‘ Dating spider man’. I introduced my quote, and gave a little summary for my quote. I then proceeded to acknowledge that I was using ‘ Bridgette Baldwin’ source. I added my textual evidence in, and then explained the purpose of the evidence I used and how what Baldwin says is important for my question.


Annoying Ways People Use (Legal) Sources!

A. What I learned from Stedman’s essay that I might apply to my use of legal sources is always having a quotation starter before putting the quote that way I am introducing the person or article I’m quoting for. For example if I were to quote the CPLR § 3020 (a), I would say, “According to the CPLR § 3020 (a) …” Another example was when I used a law journal article to talk about environmental law and how it ties to climate change. The article in Inara Scott’s section she discusses environmental law and how the genre is changing to common law. Scott states, “Most definitions of “environmental law” describe statutes and regulations that govern how people interact with the natural environment–the “natural environment” in this context being nonhuman species, plants, and natural resources.4 Environmental law is also generally understood to include pollution control and management of public lands and natural resources.” What I did here was introduce the quote by giving context as to what I am quoting, after that I used the authors surname because I cited the source in APA format, finally I put the quote.

Link to why I used last name (read paragraph 3!): https://guides.library.nymc.edu/c.php?g=567729&p=3914572

B. A quotable from my legal source entry is, “Commons law must be broad, diverse, and big enough to contain seeming contradictions. It must recognize that creation of sustainable communities includes economic activity and must include, or even focus on, the regulation of this economic activity. It must address the governance of corporations that control the majority of global resources and threaten global ecosystems.17 It must also recognize the value in nonhuman species, biodiversity, and the preservation of spaces that are free from human development.” (Section I Inara Scott Page 3 Paragraph 8) The environment in the United States changes rapidly there are impacts and visibility of climate change around the world. However, in the future that is not so distant there are potential, existential threats that are making way for an unsettling planet. I used the “Dating Spider-Man” guideline in Stedman’s essay because it has the approach that I often do which is starting a paragraph with a quote. Stedman said, “An annoyance that’s closely connected to Armadillo Roadkill is the tendency writers sometimes have of starting or ending paragraphs with quotations. This isn’t technically wrong, and there are situations when the effect of surprise is what you’re going for. But often, a paragraph-beginning or paragraph-closing quotation feels rushed, unexplained, disjointed.” He’s putting emphasis on the fact that when writers put a quote in the beginning or at the end of the paragraph the reader gets confused at to why the quote is there without analysis. Stedman is comparing this scenario to Spider-Man that if he were on a date, he’d say something interesting, then hears something from afar, and he’s gone without notice.