My Response to the 2020 Election [11.07.2020]

After much 4 years of anticipation since high school, gruelingly waiting in cold weather for an hour to vote, much research, discussions and, of course, arguments, we [America] will have a new president for the next four years: Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. This makes me feel proud because the man I voted for won and his victory allows me to believe there is hope for the nation. Seeing my mom and news reporters wipe tears, receiving texts of friends and family celebrating, and witnessing Joe Biden himself hug supporters made me feel like a proud, politically active Black adult for the first time in my life. Knowing some of Biden’s background such as losing his wife and daughter in and accident and his son Beau Biden dying from brain cancer allows me to believe Joe is a man of empathy and humanity, something that will be an active factor during his presidency. A presidency I can proudly say, help become reality and can say will be proud to witness.

election day

Days before election day , many store owners are boarding up there stores worried about the possible outcome due to the election results. Trump insists that the violant ,negative behaviors of his supporters are “an patriotic act and they are doing nothing wrong”. Many BLM protestors have been waiting to go up against the Trump Supporters in NYC , but they never showed. All the chaos going on around election day has left many including myself in anxiety. To know that this is what it comes down to, to People in fear of the outcome  to a presidential race is outrageous.

2020 election

This new York times article is giving updates on the polls and who’s in the lead of the election. it provides a map showing which party took over which state. it also provides a vote tracking chart below as well as a list of states each candidate is expected to win in.

Election Analysis

In this article it explains the imbalance of the votes and the inputs of Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Im honestly on Bidens side because of the humility he has and the wisdom he shows in certain cases. The election just started and trump is already blaming democrats for playing with the votes. What I don’t like about trump is his mouth  he is very reckless with it. Every one is entitiled  to have their own opinion but how can an immigrant vote for someone who doesn’t even want them there? While Trump is ranting Biden Isnt really saying much. To be quite frank with you I feel like Trump is very childish and speaks too quick.

Violence on election day

Trump mob bear maces and attempts to start fights with woman, when she tries to present evidence to Police they dismiss her. from PublicFreakout

This is a video showing trump supporters harassing a young woman inciting physical violence with her. When cops are presented evidence of this, they maintain a blasé attitude and refuse to act even when presented with clear evidence of illegal actions. This is inexcusable in a supposedly democratic nation, these caravans of viscous supporters (regardless of party affiliation) is reminiscent of ISIS caravans traversing the middle east. It is rather scary to see this happening in some areas which could discourage people from voting altogether to avoid these types of people. I hope that when this election ends, the heavy polarization of people dies down as well.

Election Night
In this article is shows the graphics of each states and who won the votes for those states and by how much. Right now they are counting the votes before telling the public who has won the election, analyzing each vote and counting all the votes twice to be 100% percent certain. Right now each needs 270 electoral votes to win and with the coronavirus situation this year the voting methods are difficult. At first Donald Trump seems to be winning and I was already giving up on this whole “your vote counts”,but right now Biden seems to be taking the lead. However, there still a long way to go, more battleground states to be won and trump can win on a slide. Which will be devastating hopefully nothing changes and it keeps going like it has until now. Until the very last ballot is counted and one of them hits that 270 mark.


Election 2020 Thing

Looking at this article, it’s sourced with local news networks to bring the most accurate information regarding the presidential and congressional elections. These updates are usually refreshed every few minutes, or whenever an update is available.

Personally, I feel there’s a win-win situation here. I believe that Biden-Harris will win this election. However, in the given situation they don’t, I still believe there’s hope. If you look at the results for congressional section of the elections, you should notice the democracy’s already won the majority of the house again. Also, and this part is important, they are on tract to controlling the majority of senate as well. Even if this doesn’t necessarily happen, they are projected to hold more seats than they did before, making it harder to push certain laws pass and giving them a good foothold even if Trump wins. It’s very important that you look at this election from every single perspective possible.

Electoral Map Analysis

The video opens Susan and Domenico are talking about the rating shifts. They analyzed President Trump’s ratings first telling me that Arizona went from “lean Democrat” to “toss up.” Whereas, Joe Biden has Texas which went from “lean Republican” to “toss up.” A lot of states are in Joe Biden’s direction, he has 279 electoral votes. President Trump is at 125 electoral votes. Florida is a state very focused on because there are a lot of campaigns and they’ve spent a quarter billion dollars on TV ads for 29 electoral votes. Susan and Domenico say that since the beginning of this election cycle, Pennsylvania could be the key state.

I think this video was very helpful in understanding the Election coming soon. It was very informative in the sense that NPR seems like a trusted organization to give me useful information that I need when it comes to voting. It is very important right now to be voting for a leader who not only cares about this country but can lead it to the right direction. As we all preach about change, there will be no change, if we will not be the change. VOTING for someone who is passionate about everyone regardless of sexuality, gender identity, race, ethnicity, and more, we are going to have to vote like our life depends on it.


Election 2020



This article talks about the results so far in the 2020 election right now Donald Trump is leading with Joe Biden. Getting votes is a Long and harsh race however Joe Biden still has the options to win the elections because The key states not yet have been closed for voting. This article also tells us about the pandemic has an impact on elections. I think if   Joe Biden got the California electoral vote will win this election or vise versa. In my opinion, this election will win by Donald Trump because of the pandemic the money that he gave to the people will help him to get a vote.

President Election 2020!

This article talked about the backers of Trump who terrorized the country. Republicans rallies are really intense this time, they jammed highways, bridges in new jersey, Richmond Virginia, and taxes, and basically created a terror environment. Organizers worry that what if these rallies would turn into violence for both party’s supporters. And according to this article, police actually used pepper spray on Trump’s supporters for being too violent. My thought on this situation is that people are really angry, violent, and scared. Because they’re really passionate about their candidates both and this includes both of these parties. If something happens that doesn’t really go in their favor and again includes for both parties, then their extremists could get really violent and they would looting and destroying others properties which I think is really undisciplined thing.