Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion : Why I speak up for Black Women

By Megan Thee Stallion , New York Times , October 13, 2020

“The most unprotected person is the Black woman ” – MLK

In this well written,well addressed article, Megan Thee Stallion ( Female rapper) expresses how unfairly black women are treated. After Many years of fighting for equal rights,black women are still the most disrespected and disregarded when it comes to almost every aspect of life. Megan was shot by a male rapper named Tory Lanes .Megan and Tory lanes were not in an romantic relationship but were close friends. After the incident Megan chose to be silent worrying about the safety of all parties who were on the scene that night. Although Megan was the victim, she felt as though she was still doubted and faced slander. Megan believes that women are treated like subjects . Black women are stereotyped as “the angry black women” in every scenario that draws the narrative that anything that happens to us in a negative way is warranted. She also talks about a lot of great black women who made a difference in this world who were never given the right recognition.

I believe that black women need to be seen, heard and understood. Too often black woman are scared to speak up because they fear a negative outcome or it would probably be a waste of time. That is why i’m so glad that Kamala is the first black woman vice president. It gives hope for many black little girls to believe that things can happen , they just have to stay strong.

Legal Responce

In this case the paralegal assistant made a wrong move by 1) giving a legal advice to Mr Sussman,2) saying  “I’m an independent. I assist the general public. I assist attorneys with work” no matter what case it is you have too keep in mind that you are under the attorney and not the public. The assistant literally did the work of an attorney by going out his/her way to call the sheriff to ask what to do.

Legal News

Brady, James. “Remarks by President Trump on the Election.” The White House, The United States Government, 5 Nov. 2020, 6:48 pm, 

In this article, the president of the United States of America Accused the democracy by saying that this election is a fraud. He himself declared his victory by saying that he won most of the states and the words that came late are illegal votes. 


In this response, I strongly disagreed with the president because he considered the democracy of the United States as a fraud and he accused them without having any evidence. In addition, Trump Represent the United States all around the globe, and obviously, he’s a big man with big responsibility therefore he shouldn’t have said that to the democracy and blaming them without any clearance his arguments were baseless.

Legal News Response

The article I chose was called “Columbus Day Or Indigenous Peoples’ Day?” I’m not sure if the author is Leila Fadel but National Desk intern Megan Manata contributed to this report. This was written on October 14, 2019  for the NPR Daily Newsletter and was heard on the Morning Edition.

The article was about the reason’s explaining why the second Monday in October shouldn’t be called Columbus Day instead, Indigenous Day or another name that celebrates the Indigenous communities. Since it’s have been giving memory and honor to a guy who did a lot of damage to that community raping, genocide to their people, pillaging. We supposedly celebrate that day and that person because he found ‘America’, but technically speaking he didn’t even reach America. Their is a lot of controversial of what should happen to this day because Italians see it as a day where they can where finally safe and accepted ;other’s say we need find another way to contributes to all different kinds of people representation of this day for them. But the objection is clear changing the name everywhere eradicating Columbus Day so if can be; Indigenous Day people who were first in America, who where kick out wrongly, abused and killed all of this done by Christopher Columbus.

I 100% support this movement because instead of setting our history right we are telling lies and hurting the Indigenous communities. I didn’t know many of them went to our school’s and that they even had to hear of this man been spoken of with such praises and proudness over, what he supposedly did. I remember being in school and learning of him thinking he was this great man but little did I know the truth. The Native Americans even have to hear that a whole day is dedicated to this man everyone stopping what there doing to honor this man, that’s like a punishment to the Indigenous community when they should be the ones being celebrated for not Columbus. A change needs to be done extinguishing the suffering we keep putting the Native Americans in once and for all. A cruelty is being done towards them when they went through so much over a land they actually respect not like us, who destroy the land with global warming, forests being cut down, destroying animals homes etc. I see Italians point of view but they shouldn’t be identify to this man as a symbol to their country because of all the inhuman stuff he did to this people we need to amend the wrong of our past not just in one state but in all.