The Hate U Give

The Hate U Give (2018) PG-13, 133 min, Cine, Drama.Stars Amandla Stenberg, Regina Hall, Russell Hornsby, Algee Smith. Directed George Tillman Jr. Release date 19 October 2018.

The Hate U Give is basically of a young girl named Starr who has a depth connection with her family but her father has set her and his family with certain rules in order to survive in this racism world.They are instructions on what to do in the event that he or they are ever pulled over by police, but to also not be ashamed of their identities as black children it’s called the Black Panther ten step programs. Starr lives in Graden Heights, a mostly poor black neighborhood and she attends a wealthy, predominantly white private school, Williamson Prep. Where she has a white boyfriend and acts as a totally different person from the when she is in Garden Heights in order to fit in and be accepted. At night she went to a party while being there she saw her childhood best friend from whom she hasn’t seen for years afterwards a gun goes out and Khalil decided to give her a ride home. However they get stopped by a white police officer Khalil, who is black, must exit the car and while outside the car, Khalil reaches inside his car to check in on Starr, and picks up a brush as a joke. The officer, thinking Khalil picked up a gun, fires three shots into Khalil, killing him. Therefore Khalil’s death becomes a major national news story. Leading to find the identity of Starr and deciding if she is a Garden Heights girl who will get involved with the violence in order to make justice. Or a Williamson Prep girl who stays hidden and remains silent with her opinions. Starr will also see who her real friends are, where their loyalties are and stand against her family making her stand by herself in order to heard and reclaim justice for Khalil because he’s one of many innocent who have died.

The story portrayed legal concepts addressed in this course or Civil Procedure this movie talked about a criminal law with a government (prosecutor) v. alleged wrongdoer (defendant), statutory law made by legislators, NY Penal Law and a veridictation beyond a reasonable doubt. They are looking for jail time for the police officer and justice for Khalil. This will take place in a Grand Jury to see if the cases indices which can perhaps lead to a NYC Criminal Court who is charge of misdemeanors and lesser offenses felony arraignments & preliminary hearings. They first have original jurisdiction authority a first court to decide a legal question case originate which is what is happening in this movie.The person will directly be involved in the case who will be directly affected by the outcome. There are also witnesses which Starr is a crucial one and a direct injured a suffered of loss and the need of the declaration of the court’s order to answer the disputed issue declaring if a certain law has been violated. There are also ethics basic concepts and fundamental principles of decent human conduct a professional responsibility legal and moral duty of a professional to apply her/his knowledge in ways that benefit the client, and the wider society. Protected by attorney client privilege prohibited from revealing certain info regarding representation of a client such as the client not. The benefit for wider society here is Black Lives Matter a justice for a black man and all the black community and a protection for Starr not reveling her name in the beginning of the case she requested for that because of her safety.

The events took place in the street it’s between a white police officer being either sentenced to prison or not for a fatal shooting of Khalil a black men. Where Starr must testify and use her voice so Khalil can have justice and not remain unvenged for his death. This is just in the trial courts stage. I think it actually portrays the legal field because first they interrogated the witnesses to see what happen, then they started the investigation and had set a date of court to see if the case will go forth or not. I will highly recommended the movie because the scenes get to you it’s something that makes you wonder why our society is like this, should we have faith and rely on our laws. Who does the law really benefit? All of these type of question come to mind and it’s sad we have to experience this mostly the black community it’s horrible because it something that is still going on in this century. This really affected my view or the law and interested in a legal profession because I want to be a change, a voice to the voiceless. I want to understand why those types of cases are justify and not the ones similar to them just the opposite a black man shooting a white man. Right now it makes me doubt our legal system that it’s unfair and unjustice because it’s not just the movie I see it outside in the media but I want to give the opportunity to see it from the other person shoes, see both sides in order to fully grasp and take a stand.

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