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Inspiration of Henry Hargreaves

Henry Hargreaves is a self-taught food photographer, born and raised in New Zealand. His fascination with food came from previous experience working in the food industry before becoming a full-time photographer. He was amazed by customer’s requests and what it said about their personalities and character while they ordered. He tried to translate these ideas into his work by using food to create visual connections. After leaving the food industry, Hargreaves worked in fashion in the early 2000’s and was even a model for 4 years. It was then he realized that he wanted to be the person “calling the shots behind the camera”. He started out buying a camera just to play with the idea and see if he could get it to “take some nice shots”. Over time, Hargreaves picked up some lighting techniques and tricks and got a good sense of balance in his compositions. In his work, he gets inspiration from anywhere creating images that appeal to him. He says “If it makes me laugh or constantly comes up in my mind without me having to write it down, I want to try it. Once I decide to execute the only challenge is motivation”. Hargreaves also does a lot of collaborations in his work, he believes it’s a lot more fun and makes the work come out better. He says “collaboration is great for having someone challenge your ideas and compliment your work. A successful collaboration blurs the lines between photographer and artist/stylist and vise versa.” He continues by saying “get out of your comfort zone, that’s when you’ll learn something and get an unexpected surprise.” In the example of his work below, I notice that although most of he likes to be playful with his work, Henry Hargreaves is not afraid to get political. The photo below is from a series called “Power Hungry” where he uses the abundance of food on one side of a table and the scarcity on the other side illustrate the idea of using food as a weapon in society. Throughout history, depriving or restricting access to food to the poor or underprivileged has been used as a way of controlling or silencing the voices of those groups. In the photos, the first picture is well lit and positioned with silverware and table cloth making the food itself look more appealing. In the second picture, the mood of the photo is darker with less appealing food to represent the reality of commoners.


final project inspiration-ERB

ERB His work on the chef is very realistic, in a combination of art and real life. Very good use of the expression of the model. Many times chefs do not have kitchens or streets or farms to express the life of chefs in different situations. The use of lighting is also very direct. Large light and shadow contrast, use depth of field to blur food or foreground to highlight the main body of the model.For example, the fact that the chef himself was half-squatting and then drowning with salt was very interesting. The light source is from the left. In fact, it is very important to reflect the expression of the model and the reflection of the food to the table.

Daniel Singh – Assignment (Final Inspiration: Annabelle Breakey)

Fittingly, my final inspiration drives my perspective leading into my final project.  I will be shooting freshly made juices, some packaged, some being poured, or still, surrounded by the very ingredients that it is composed of arranged artistically.  One of the absolute best photographers, Annabelle Breakey, comes to mind.  I have especially been drawn to her natural light food, and beverages collections.  I love her use of contrasting textures, arrangements, and color palettes used in her composition.  She is obviously very thoughtful approaching these shots.  The results are delicious through the screen.  She is very masterful with her manipulation of light, in many of the beverage shots she was able to capture sheen on the ice cubes floating near the top of each drink free of any glare on the glass cup/container.  I hope to replicate some of this magic with my own twist.




Pauline Suzor (My Inspiration)

For my final shoots I decided to choose the photographer Pauline Suzor. I really love the photos she shoots with the models and the flowers, it gives it a certain aesthetic that is just enjoyable to my eye. I think the backgrounds and the models contrast with each other and by adding the flowers it adds colour to the photograph and makes the photograph vibrant and more alive.



My Final Proposal and Inspirational

I was always drawn into Flower photography or even landscape photography. I like to control the depth of field in during my shoots. I like to see the details of the flowers by zooming in and blur out the background. By foucusing on subject more. I like how these flowers or plants are way be to bring emotion by showing their colors or controling the picture. Even if it’s outside shots or indoor shots, the light something important. A great example is Alan Shapiro flower photography I like how he’s able to pop out the flowers and show the level of details of the flowers. He even makes some of the flowers to show movement by adding patterns.

Hotkenobi: my inspiration for my final

Hotkenobi is a photographer that works with different types of toys to create different types of scenarios that are funny, serious, relatable or a recreation of a moment from something. His images are amazing and entertaining to see every time because within every image I can see the fun he has with the toys and fun with posing them in the way that he does. Most of his work seems to be 3 point lighting but he sometimes changes it to a single light from above or just two lights from the sides. He got some of his work published in japanese magazines along and  one time where the famous Stan Lee acknowledged his work and stated in one of his works “Always said work is like play, this photographer takes that one step further…” Seeing this made me realized that even if your work is for fun, or a hobby, or more it can get noticed by the most unexpected people and can even be turned into something more than just a hobby. I’m hoping to one day make something of this.

Final proposal

For my upcoming final project I want my photographs to base it between editorial and contemporary photography that would be printing and posted on Instagram for example. I want my images to represent femininity with a subject and flowers, plants and fruit metaphorically. I base my inspirations heavily with one of my favorite films by Alfred Hitchcock titled Vertigo, as the stem along with inspiration by photographers Philp-Lorca DiCorcia, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Nadine Iijewere and a painting by Edward Hopper. I asked Neira if she would be my model for the 2 days of shooting and she agreed to do so, and I will be having her as my subject along with some flowers, fruit for one shot. In the film Vertigo, even though it’s a film about crime flowers are heavily used throughout the film, and with the dramatic tone of mood I want to try to incorporate a moody yet playful and colorful mood with my photos for the project.

final proposal

So for my final project I want to do a shoot where figurines are the subjects of the pictures doing many types of things that can range from a fighting pose to something comedic and silly. I have been a toy collector for many years now and have been building up quite a list of them that are all from different franchises. I’ve always wanted to do more with these to make something of them. I want to show it to the world but in a more creative way.

My target audience are toy collectors of all ages, present and future toy companies, so that I can show that there’s much more to these toys besides just sitting on shelves collecting dust. To show that even toys can become a work of art and that they can tell an original story with just one picture whether it be serious or whimsical.

This idea came to me when I remembered that different toy companies would have commercials on tv showing kids playing with these toys and using their imagination to play with the toys. But then I also remembered that the toy story films did a similar idea but the toys were alive and living a life when ever their owner left the room. So i thought maybe I can do something similar with what I have into a series of photos, and one of my inspirations was a toy photographer named Hotkenobi ( He mixes up every day items that you would see everywhere and had the toys interact with them to show a type of action and interaction with other characters.

I want to put this into a portfolio to show that I can be creative, and fun. That I’m someone who enjoys what I do and would love to take it beyond one day.