Final proposal

For my upcoming final project I want my photographs to base it between editorial and contemporary photography that would be printing and posted on Instagram for example. I want my images to represent femininity with a subject and flowers, plants and fruit metaphorically. I base my inspirations heavily with one of my favorite films by Alfred Hitchcock titled Vertigo, as the stem along with inspiration by photographers Philp-Lorca DiCorcia, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Nadine Iijewere and a painting by Edward Hopper. I asked Neira if she would be my model for the 2 days of shooting and she agreed to do so, and I will be having her as my subject along with some flowers, fruit for one shot. In the film Vertigo, even though it’s a film about crime flowers are heavily used throughout the film, and with the dramatic tone of mood I want to try to incorporate a moody yet playful and colorful mood with my photos for the project.

One thought on “Final proposal

  1. rmichals

    This is a very wide topic. You need a way to narrow this down. Find an article about femininity that you feel represents your opinion. What are you trying to say about it?

    I would prefer if you photographed 6 women with flowers and not one. In our class, you also have Simone. You will need to bring in some models.

    The Philip Lorca Dicorcia photo that you included is beautiful and you could use this lighting: one main front light and a rim light behind. Look for some other photographs whose lighting you like. Do you want the series to be light and bright and happy or dark and depressing or serious?


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