Daniel Singh – Assignment (Final Inspiration: Annabelle Breakey)

Fittingly, my final inspiration drives my perspective leading into my final project.  I will be shooting freshly made juices, some packaged, some being poured, or still, surrounded by the very ingredients that it is composed of arranged artistically.  One of the absolute best photographers, Annabelle Breakey, comes to mind.  I have especially been drawn to her natural light food, and beverages collections.  I love her use of contrasting textures, arrangements, and color palettes used in her composition.  She is obviously very thoughtful approaching these shots.  The results are delicious through the screen.  She is very masterful with her manipulation of light, in many of the beverage shots she was able to capture sheen on the ice cubes floating near the top of each drink free of any glare on the glass cup/container.  I hope to replicate some of this magic with my own twist.




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