Inspiration Gregory Heisler

In Gregory Heisler photographer we can see that most of his photos are in black and white. The usage of light are two lights. We have the main light and the over the top light. Can tell by the way the face us light up. And the subjects eyes, we can see by the refection from the eyes. And th light is going directly forward. The second light is over the top light because you can see in the picture that top of the helmet is brighter than the face. I also like how the person is able to give a smile making the picture to not be so serious. Is makes the person to be welcoming. Like this person seem hes’ friendly. I also like the way the person has a weird pose, but seems to be working because it makes him to be a very relax person because of his shoulder is leaning to one side. Also can tell that Heisler wants us to look at this person and focus on him, because the background of this picture is blurry. The man he is very clear and sharp, but the background is blurry and out of focus. Like we’re not suppose to pay attention to it. Also this picture shows the personality of the man. We can tell that he is a construction worker by the way he is dressed. You can tell that he a much older man because he as bread going. But the man smile tells us all that he enjoys he’s job. Because it isn’t force, but it has a naturnal feel. And being a construction worker is very difficult, and hard, and dangerous. But looking at this picture it looks like he really enjoys what he does and he doesn’t regret it or he doesn’t mind the working conditions

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