Inspiration Paulette Tavormina

Paulette Tavormina uses still life to inspire her because the way she takes her pictures mostly the frame is cover up with flowers and bugs. But it isn’t clutter, but more filled in with shapes that flowers or bugs make. In a way it’s best describle to be like a jigsaw puzzle. She uses everything to fit in perfectly. I saw like the different colors from each flowers because it’s be to be pop out more because she uses a black background. I also like how picture are able to create this movement but using the stems of the plants or flowers just to make your eye wonder all over the place so wouldn’t focus on one thing. I also like the different sizes of the flowers and bugs. Just to fill in on some of the empty spaces. But also it makes it seem to be more random and more lifely. That’s one of her styles she does. The other ones are mostly like paints are something on the table. In this one she has flowers and bird cage fruits next to the bird cage in this picture can tell that there is two lights one from the left because mostly everything on the left is very lit up. and one in the right because the glass reflection . But the way that it picture is taken I think that left lights are very close. Compare to the right to side where pictures is much darker. But I think that light is much further back.But I think these types of still life is very nature  just because we have flowers,bugs,fruits, and animals in her photos. But mostly enjoy her work with the flowers filling up the whole frame of the photo.

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