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Julia Sent. This style of work is overall dark, with dark tones and a dark background that sets off bright objects. Very interesting color matching and irregular object placement. Always have a base for food to place. Not a bright hat, book or cloth to make food or flowers more prominent. Different styles of food or objects make the still life more interesting, and more often the photographer’s own creativity and use of light. In this style she uses a less bright light or a dark background. The foreground, medium and background have different brightness and darkness differences. For example, this crab leg is matched with a silver cup and a dark cloth. The crab script has a certain degree of brightness, but it is not that bright, it has a kind of oil-like brightness.


Tim Wallace a car photography, his works as whole are very commercial and textured, with a lot of texture processing and a sense of technology feel. Its pretty cool whether he dealing with light or shadow. I like this picture very much. First of all it contains many details. Such as the use of street light and headlight of the car, which bring the light from the left side to the dark side of the make good use of the reflection of the door.  Also it had cool way to get some motion blur.

Manchester Commercial Photographer Tim Wallace. Commercial photography, car, automotive, aviation, truck, engineering and parts photography

Richard Foster_daming_inspiration

Richard Foster style use product light refraction and color, low angle camera. Use light to create geometric shadows and staggered lighting. Use a glass plate to create a reflection. He was a master at using light to create different shapes of color light. The main color is very prominent. Good at using glass products to bring a light reflection and refraction of the different light effects. I think his works are very textural and very commercial. The products themselves are very textured, and the background is to reflect the product itself. There is no extra light or unnecessary things around the products, only simple light and color and his creativity are formed.

Inspiration_Andrew Scrivani_daming

His works are very color composition and food placement and followed using lighting. A lot of it is light and shadow from left to right. Not much exposure. Many of them are close up food photographs, often with the angles from top to bottom and backgrounds blurred. For example, this picture of food looks very delicious. First, the light from left to right turns to dark light. Second, yellow and red, two very strong colors, are matched with a dark gray background. The yellow yolk and the red tomato stand out. Secondly, he photographed the yolk as the juice, which I think is very important in food photography. The background is a blurry close-up of a fork in the foreground. The elevation of the front gives three levels of view.

I think the photo really highlights the interesting background. First, from the point of view of shooting, two different staggered background gray and white collocation. It’s important to be very textured. On a dark background, place the bowl at the intersection of the background colors. Although give a person a kind of very straggly sense. but the color matching and placement is very comfortable.  


GREGORY HEISLER, After I watch his works, I felt a sense of shock. First, he was very careful in choosing models. The subjects he chose were all portraits, including full-length, half-length and partial portraits. I think he is very good at guiding the model to make different eyes expressions. This kind of expression and the black and white contrast of the photograph, the eyes bring very dramatic styles. I like the picture of the old man very much. First, I noticed that most of his light came from the upper right corner. It gives a very weird feeling, which may be related to the characters themselves. Secondly, he asked the model to put her head forward, so we can see that the clothes and ears of the characters are all blurred. More focus on his face. He used Rembrandt light. The most important thing is to give people a sense of film photos, very simple. The last thing I like most is probably the character’s eyelids forming a triangle and the look up movement. This leads to this weird and different portrait. Most of his works give me the impression that the eyes are equal to a person, and basically the work itself relates to the eyes. So, I think he is a very strong and guide the model how to make these movements and eyes.

daming_Inspiration_Feb 25th.

Demi Moore’s pregnancy photo by Annie Leibovitz in 1991 it was a very bold attempt. Because at that time, not many people had the courage to try and face the evaluation of entertainment media or the public is very cruel and polarized. Speaking of photos, the overall style is broad light. The figure’s face is a three quarter view. Light hits her right side. Her jaw is a little raised. The highlight is on her right forehead. There is a distinct shadow in the clavicle. The photographer may have added fill light in front of her. The background is grey to reflect the main character. The photographer has used the rule of thirds approach to composition, which has produced an eye that is very appealing. She covered her private parts with both hands. Overall it’s a very attractive maternity photo and a very bold attempt.

Beyonce’s pregnancy photo by Awol Erizku in 2017 This picture is very impressive to me. My sister was pregnant when she was pregnant, so I wanted to take a picture of my sister with pregnancy. This photo gives me a sense that photography could have gone in this direction (I didn’t think this style before) . This photo has less privacy than Demi’s. She wears something that covers her private parts. Speaking of this photo, it may not have been very skillful. More is the preliminary arrangement and the topic of the characters themselves. The background is a kind of blue sky feeling, the middle is a wreath, the foreground is the character itself. Although the overall picture is very rich in color, but the overall brightness of my feeling, may be the light green gauze cap gave me this feeling. In fact, the head of the figure has a little quarter view. The main light is on the left side. Because you can clearly see the difference between the wreath on the left and the wreath on the right. In general, there’s nothing interesting about this photo for me, probably just because she’s Beyonce.

What may surprise me more is Demi’s maternity photo. Because at that time, this style was very bold and dangerous.

Inspiration: Celebrities Pregnancy

In these two photos there a theme but from a different perspective from each photographer. It was hard to find where the light was in the Beyonce’s photo shoot. I think the reason for that is because the veil is covering her face. But the way Beyonce is posed in a third quarter view, I think this broad light. I do see some shadows around the neck area but not in her shoulder. As for Demi Moore photo, you can easily see that this broad light. Since she has a third quarter view the light is hitting her left side. From these two shoots I understand Demi Moore had more attention. Around this time Demi’s photo was considered to be very controversial. After all she isn’t wear anything. Compare to Beyonce photo where she is cover but only that but there are too many things going the photo. There’s the background and the veil covering her face. Also the flowers surrounding her. I think all the things makes the picture to be at ease. I think the Demi’s photo is very strong and impactful. Just because there aren’t things covering her and she is the focus of everything and there nothing to distract the viewer. I could understand why Demi’s photo had many reaction and feelings. After all these two photos were shot at different times. I think if these two photos were to switch places in when they were shot. I think the Beyonce photo would be talked about but not as much as Demi’s photo. But if Demi’s photo was shot in 2017, I this would more acceptable, after showing nudity is the norm. We get to see it photos, movies, and even in shows. Such as the most talked and successful show Game of Thrones.

Inspiration 1 Dawoud Bey

Dawoud Bey high school portraits have this consist theme of having the object looking at the camera. Not only that but Dawoud does make us look at the eyes first then the whole picture. His pictures are center so our eyes don’t wander around. We can also see that his portraits display some type of attitude because the way the subjects are posed. So this give us a little of the subject personality of each person. The lighting also what makes this portraits to make the face to pop out more. The usage of shadow in the face aren’t too dark. But soft so none of the photos are focusing in one location by having one area much darker than the other.Also the blurry background. Makes us the auditions to look at the person makes focus on them more than any other place in the photo. But, Bey isn’t making the whole background to be blurry so none it can’t make out what it is. Instead, he want us to know what it is without losing focus on the person. It makes us understand who these people are, and what they do. It gives us a little story to go by. And makes understand who they are as people without having to tell us anything. I also noticed by looking through gallery class portraits, that none of his picture the subject have warm colors. But one is different, which is Shalanta but this photo is different from other is because the background is much darker but her clothes have this light color that is able to make her stand out more. Which something interesting he changed the lighting because the color of clothes have a light color. In the other portraits you can see the other subjects having grey or light colors.