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Inspiration: Celebrities Pregnancy

In these two photos there a theme but from a different perspective from each photographer. It was hard to find where the light was in the Beyonce’s photo shoot. I think the reason for that is because the veil is covering her face. But the way Beyonce is posed in a third quarter view, I think this broad light. I do see some shadows around the neck area but not in her shoulder. As for Demi Moore photo, you can easily see that this broad light. Since she has a third quarter view the light is hitting her left side. From these two shoots I understand Demi Moore had more attention. Around this time Demi’s photo was considered to be very controversial. After all she isn’t wear anything. Compare to Beyonce photo where she is cover but only that but there are too many things going the photo. There’s the background and the veil covering her face. Also the flowers surrounding her. I think all the things makes the picture to be at ease. I think the Demi’s photo is very strong and impactful. Just because there aren’t things covering her and she is the focus of everything and there nothing to distract the viewer. I could understand why Demi’s photo had many reaction and feelings. After all these two photos were shot at different times. I think if these two photos were to switch places in when they were shot. I think the Beyonce photo would be talked about but not as much as Demi’s photo. But if Demi’s photo was shot in 2017, I this would more acceptable, after showing nudity is the norm. We get to see it photos, movies, and even in shows. Such as the most talked and successful show Game of Thrones.

Inspiration 1 Dawoud Bey

Dawoud Bey high school portraits have this consist theme of having the object looking at the camera. Not only that but Dawoud does make us look at the eyes first then the whole picture. His pictures are center so our eyes don’t wander around. We can also see that his portraits display some type of attitude because the way the subjects are posed. So this give us a little of the subject personality of each person. The lighting also what makes this portraits to make the face to pop out more. The usage of shadow in the face aren’t too dark. But soft so none of the photos are focusing in one location by having one area much darker than the other.Also the blurry background. Makes us the auditions to look at the person makes focus on them more than any other place in the photo. But, Bey isn’t making the whole background to be blurry so none it can’t make out what it is. Instead, he want us to know what it is without losing focus on the person. It makes us understand who these people are, and what they do. It gives us a little story to go by. And makes understand who they are as people without having to tell us anything. I also noticed by looking through gallery class portraits, that none of his picture the subject have warm colors. But one is different, which is Shalanta but this photo is different from other is because the background is much darker but her clothes have this light color that is able to make her stand out more. Which something interesting he changed the lighting because the color of clothes have a light color. In the other portraits you can see the other subjects having grey or light colors.