Tim Wallace a car photography, his works as whole are very commercial and textured, with a lot of texture processing and a sense of technology feel. Its pretty cool whether he dealing with light or shadow. I like this picture very much. First of all it contains many details. Such as the use of street light and headlight of the car, which bring the light from the left side to the dark side of the light.it make good use of the reflection of the door.  Also it had cool way to get some motion blur.

Manchester Commercial Photographer Tim Wallace. Commercial photography, car, automotive, aviation, truck, engineering and parts photography

One thought on “Tim Wallace_INSPIRATION

  1. rmichals

    The photo you selected uses perspective to great effect. Wallace tries to create the feeling of what it is like to drive one of these cars and I think the sense of space creates that here. Its not really just about the car though of course he makes that look great too.


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