Richard Fosters Campaign

As I looked through all of Richards Fosters images of these different fragrance companies. I realized that he wasn’t just trying to sell the product it self but the bottles as well by using the bottles shapes, transparency and colors to his advantages. With the Stella McCartney bottle he used the bottles purple and black and clear to create both a shadow and refraction of the light on the clear and colored part of the bottle. Which he also did with one of the Tom Fords blue bottles. He used something that looks like a square light above the bottle at an angle while placing the bottle on the edge of a white table which did similar results but the difference here is he using the shadows to create solid geometric shapes out of the shape of the bottle.

Now in the Bottega Campaign with all three bottles he uses the bottles shapes to create both hard and soft shadows shapes with a background that matches the with the color of the fragrance bottles as well.

Richard Foster is a sought after still life photographer because he uses the bottles, glass, liquid, and transparency to its fullest potential and doesn’t waste time showing that through his campaigns. He wants to show off everything that the product has and not just the fact that its a fragrance in a bottle but that the bottle its self is a beautiful item to have and keep. Its a way to catch someones eye instead of someones interest in the smell. Before getting someone to smell and want a perfume/cologne the bottle must catch the eyes of its consumers to get them to look in its directions for it to be noticed.

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