Inspiration Tim Wallace

The reason why I picked this picture to talk about is the way the car is taken. Tim said in his video “You want it to have a tone or mood” meaning you a person who is looking or wanting to buy a car to feel something. The way to capture that mood is by working with the lights. Just like in this picture. The car is the brightest thing in picture because that’s what the photographer wants us to focus on because everything is dark. The lamp is giving this illusion that its lighting the whole car. What makes this picture successful is the idea that car is waiting you for you, because it at the bottom of street. Also this street is very narrow so the direction is going in one way. To me it feels of getting a reaward or if I keep going on this path I might get this great car. This pictures tone or mood is excited, hopeful just way the car is parked, the loaction, the way it’s shot and of course the lighting. Now Tim tries different angles in both his lighting and the camera. It’s important to take high-end car photography just to bring mood from the picture. You don’t want the car to be stale or boring. Also keep in mind about the background of the car. Like in this picture I know there is light behind the car to light up the building so it can be lit up in picture. So the surrounds you have to keep in mind with that. Just like this in photos where the building is framing the car. Also keep in angles of the when shooting to keep the photos interesting.

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  1. rmichals

    The car is shown in one of those old narrow streets of Europe where cars are often forbidden. it implies a certain type of access and being able to go where others cannot. It-meaning the worn, textured surfaces of these streets- also makes a great contrast for the gleaming new car.


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