GREGORY HEISLER, After I watch his works, I felt a sense of shock. First, he was very careful in choosing models. The subjects he chose were all portraits, including full-length, half-length and partial portraits. I think he is very good at guiding the model to make different eyes expressions. This kind of expression and the black and white contrast of the photograph, the eyes bring very dramatic styles. I like the picture of the old man very much. First, I noticed that most of his light came from the upper right corner. It gives a very weird feeling, which may be related to the characters themselves. Secondly, he asked the model to put her head forward, so we can see that the clothes and ears of the characters are all blurred. More focus on his face. He used Rembrandt light. The most important thing is to give people a sense of film photos, very simple. The last thing I like most is probably the character’s eyelids forming a triangle and the look up movement. This leads to this weird and different portrait. Most of his works give me the impression that the eyes are equal to a person, and basically the work itself relates to the eyes. So, I think he is a very strong and guide the model how to make these movements and eyes.

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  1. rmichals

    This is an amazing photo. Heisler used very shallow depth of field to give an other worldly character to this buddhist monk. Just the plane of the face is in focus. The nose and the ears are not.


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