daming_Inspiration_Feb 25th.

Demi Moore’s pregnancy photo by Annie Leibovitz in 1991 it was a very bold attempt. Because at that time, not many people had the courage to try and face the evaluation of entertainment media or the public is very cruel and polarized. Speaking of photos, the overall style is broad light. The figure’s face is a three quarter view. Light hits her right side. Her jaw is a little raised. The highlight is on her right forehead. There is a distinct shadow in the clavicle. The photographer may have added fill light in front of her. The background is grey to reflect the main character. The photographer has used the rule of thirds approach to composition, which has produced an eye that is very appealing. She covered her private parts with both hands. Overall it’s a very attractive maternity photo and a very bold attempt.

Beyonce’s pregnancy photo by Awol Erizku in 2017 This picture is very impressive to me. My sister was pregnant when she was pregnant, so I wanted to take a picture of my sister with pregnancy. This photo gives me a sense that photography could have gone in this direction (I didn’t think this style before) . This photo has less privacy than Demi’s. She wears something that covers her private parts. Speaking of this photo, it may not have been very skillful. More is the preliminary arrangement and the topic of the characters themselves. The background is a kind of blue sky feeling, the middle is a wreath, the foreground is the character itself. Although the overall picture is very rich in color, but the overall brightness of my feeling, may be the light green gauze cap gave me this feeling. In fact, the head of the figure has a little quarter view. The main light is on the left side. Because you can clearly see the difference between the wreath on the left and the wreath on the right. In general, there’s nothing interesting about this photo for me, probably just because she’s Beyonce.

What may surprise me more is Demi’s maternity photo. Because at that time, this style was very bold and dangerous.

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  1. rmichals

    Bold is a good word for Leibowitz’s photograph of Demi Moore. it is simple and direct. it uses classical lighting for what was then a daring shot, originally not intended for the magazine cover.

    Erizku’s photograph of Beyonce relies very heavily on the props and as you say the stardom of Beyonce.


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