Inspiration_Andrew Scrivani_daming

His works are very color composition and food placement and followed using lighting. A lot of it is light and shadow from left to right. Not much exposure. Many of them are close up food photographs, often with the angles from top to bottom and backgrounds blurred. For example, this picture of food looks very delicious. First, the light from left to right turns to dark light. Second, yellow and red, two very strong colors, are matched with a dark gray background. The yellow yolk and the red tomato stand out. Secondly, he photographed the yolk as the juice, which I think is very important in food photography. The background is a blurry close-up of a fork in the foreground. The elevation of the front gives three levels of view.

I think the photo really highlights the interesting background. First, from the point of view of shooting, two different staggered background gray and white collocation. It’s important to be very textured. On a dark background, place the bowl at the intersection of the background colors. Although give a person a kind of very straggly sense. but the color matching and placement is very comfortable.  

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