Julia Sent. This style of work is overall dark, with dark tones and a dark background that sets off bright objects. Very interesting color matching and irregular object placement. Always have a base for food to place. Not a bright hat, book or cloth to make food or flowers more prominent. Different styles of food or objects make the still life more interesting, and more often the photographer’s own creativity and use of light. In this style she uses a less bright light or a dark background. The foreground, medium and background have different brightness and darkness differences. For example, this crab leg is matched with a silver cup and a dark cloth. The crab script has a certain degree of brightness, but it is not that bright, it has a kind of oil-like brightness.

One thought on “Inspiration_daming

  1. rmichals

    the one that you picked is a good example of her work. It is really very simple. Its interest comes from the the multiple crab legs coming out of the cup and the sense of motion that that creates. Most of the frame is empty. If you have an interesting subject or even a dull one arranged in a compelling way that can be enough. Don’t be afraid to leave some space empty.


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