Hotkenobi: my inspiration for my final

Hotkenobi is a photographer that works with different types of toys to create different types of scenarios that are funny, serious, relatable or a recreation of a moment from something. His images are amazing and entertaining to see every time because within every image I can see the fun he has with the toys and fun with posing them in the way that he does. Most of his work seems to be 3 point lighting but he sometimes changes it to a single light from above or just two lights from the sides. He got some of his work published in japanese magazines along and  one time where the famous Stan Lee acknowledged his work and stated in one of his works “Always said work is like play, this photographer takes that one step further…” Seeing this made me realized that even if your work is for fun, or a hobby, or more it can get noticed by the most unexpected people and can even be turned into something more than just a hobby. I’m hoping to one day make something of this.

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