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So for my final project I want to do a shoot where figurines are the subjects of the pictures doing many types of things that can range from a fighting pose to something comedic and silly. I have been a toy collector for many years now and have been building up quite a list of them that are all from different franchises. I’ve always wanted to do more with these to make something of them. I want to show it to the world but in a more creative way.

My target audience are toy collectors of all ages, present and future toy companies, so that I can show that there’s much more to these toys besides just sitting on shelves collecting dust. To show that even toys can become a work of art and that they can tell an original story with just one picture whether it be serious or whimsical.

This idea came to me when I remembered that different toy companies would have commercials on tv showing kids playing with these toys and using their imagination to play with the toys. But then I also remembered that the toy story films did a similar idea but the toys were alive and living a life when ever their owner left the room. So i thought maybe I can do something similar with what I have into a series of photos, and one of my inspirations was a toy photographer named Hotkenobi ( He mixes up every day items that you would see everywhere and had the toys interact with them to show a type of action and interaction with other characters.

I want to put this into a portfolio to show that I can be creative, and fun. That I’m someone who enjoys what I do and would love to take it beyond one day.

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  1. rmichals

    There are so many ways to go with this. You need to plan 6 final images. I think the work of hot.kenobi is relatively plain with very basic backgrounds. I know you can make your images even more interesting. Think about your backgrounds. If you want to use shallow depth of field, I can bring in a lens for you to use.

    i suggest looking at the work of Laurie Simmons in particular the Kigurumi series.

    directly relevant is Michael Wu
    maybe try one with water!

    Why don’t you do your last inspiration about the work of Michael Wu?

    and some how-to:

    10 Creative Tricks for Shooting Photos of Toys

    this is where I found Michael Wu.

    and look at this on youtube:
    Episode 18 Tabletop Studio Photography done with Mirrors


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