April 25 – May 1
Welcome to Week 12. We’re now in the final stretch of the semester. You’ll see that there is a follow-up discussion, and one more set of readings, but we’ll continue to turn more attention toward our final presentations.

Asynchronous Class Materials
1. Watch the Presentation for Week 12: Underground/Mainstream
2. Feel free to comment if you have any unanswered questions regarding the reading or the presentation
3. Create a new Discussion Post, following these Guidelines
4. Leave comments on at least 3 of your peers’ posts

Assignment / Homework
5. Read two of the selections from this week’s Reading Assignment
6. Review the Guidelines for this Weeks Response Assignment, then create a new post containing your sketches and bibliography

As mentioned in the presentation, I hope to touch base with everyone next week. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me, especially if you have any questions or concerns regarding your final presentation.