For our final reading assignment you will be responsible for reading two articles from Graphic Design Theory. However, for this week you will decide which ones you would like to read. You may choose from the following:

Kenya Hara, Designing Design (2007):

Jessica Helfand, Dematerialization of Screen Space (2001):

Kalle Lasn, Design Anarchy (2006):

Ellen Lupton and Julia Lupton, Univers Strikes Back (2007):

Lev Manovich, Import/Export, or Design Workflow and Contemporary Aesthetics (2008): 

Dmitri Siegel, Designing Our Own Graves (2006):

Jan Van Toorn, Design and Reflexivity (1994):

Again, you only need to read two of these essays, but it might be wise to take a glance at all of them. You may find that a couple of them could be beneficial for your final.

There is no written response to these readings. Instead you will create sketches for your final, as described HERE.