COMD3504 - Section OL69 - Spring 2022

Discussion 8a: Media as Message

This is the asynchronous presentation for Week 8. There is no discussion post for this week. Instead, please leave at least one comment with your thoughts and questions. Please also read your peers’ comments and feel free to reply to those.

Note that you are also responsible for watching the Presentation Instructions video for this week.


  1. Sadman

    I loved how you used iPhone as an example for this topic. We are so obsessed with just the brand of our mobile devices that we often get distracted. Some prefer android some prefer ios but in the end, the only thing that actually matters is the message itself which tends to get altered in this mess.

  2. Iqra Bhatti

    Professor, thanks for the interesting video on McLuhan. One of my favorite parts in this video is when you talk about the list of changes society has undergone, from the differences in your family to your neighborhood to the differences in your education to the differences in your job to your relationship with the authorities. Your relationships with others are now totally different. You should consider the structure of your family, your relationships with your neighbors, and your school. Considering the importance of your family and society, this is a very valuable example. This was a great example that McLuhan has discussed in the reading. With the technology we are using today, our relationships will differ from those of previous generations, and their liking will also play a part.

  3. Angela

    Where you talk about if technology has connected us more together or made us more detached from one another, I believe that technology is doing both. Technology and the internet can connect you to people across the world and have messages be instantaneous but it can also detach us from one another. This is because people are constantly consuming media and it’s becoming something people cannot live without. It definitely can make people more distant from what they’re doing and especially during conversations there’s always one person on their phone. Also, thank you for explaining why McLuhan used the word massage instead of message. Reading it as massage made me think it was a typo and I was honestly very confused about that wording!

  4. Maria

    It’s interesting how Marshall McLuhan says that the media is a massage. I agree with Marshall because you don’t just consume the media just with your eyes, you consume the whole message with your entire body like you said in the video. Media has a huge influence on ones self and it can influence they way we dress, talk, and act. Seeing someone wearing a cool shirt can influence someone into not just seeing that shirt with their eyes but taking action and consuming that media with their body and eventually buying the same shirt. I guess that’s how advertising comes into play as well. We see with our eyes and consume with our body and it shows through our actions.

    • Chaochao

      I agree with you, just like some brands will let celebrities wear their clothes to some parties or events to help them promote their clothes. And some fans will buy the same clothes for their favorite stars.

  5. Gloria Rosario

    I really enjoyed this video and learned son much from it. I chose this article last week for my response because I thought the reading was great and is so relevant today, everything he discussed on the article. The media takes over our lives sometimes because we depend on it to know what is going on in the world and what we can’t and can do. An interesting point you touched is that everything is media. For example, when you talked about clothes and the way this also sends a message. I think this is very true because we can tell a lot about a person by the way they dressed. Therefore, we can also communicate through something so simple as clothing. Overall, this was a great article and there is so much going on in the world today that prove everything he is describing regarding media and they way our lives is control by it.

  6. Yiqiang Wang

    I think media is another evolution of human beings. Why do I think media is another evolution of human beings? Because the media is invented by human beings, and the new media is derived from the old media. It always has continued to progress. Human beings can use media to live a better life and do more things, so I think media is another evolution of human beings.

    The difference between media and evolution in the traditional sense is that evolution in the traditional sense takes a long time. It took about 50 million years for apes to evolve into humans. This kind of evolution is mainly physiological evolution and cannot be chosen independently. The media is different, its evolution speed is very fast, think that it has only been more than 20 years from the old mobile phone to the smartphone, but it has allowed human beings to receive more information and do more things.

    Media is changing human life. With the continuous renewal and progress of media, human lifestyles have also changed greatly. For example, in the past, teachers used blackboards to teach students. Later, teachers began to use multimedia teaching. Now every student has a computer, and teachers can teach directly through computers. This evolution may be of great help to people with strong learning ability, but it may be a big problem for people with poor learning ability, but there is no way, because the existing media are the most helpful to most humans, so since we change the world, we can only constantly learn new things.

  7. Simonlei

    The one thing that really stuck out to me was when you mentioned that media massages your body. It changes the way you think and its a part of everyone. Secondly I completely agree with the fact that modern media is every so changing in our lives and the way things are done. A great example you mentioned was the fact the we are all getting an education online, rather than the traditional manor of traveling to school. Interacting with other people has changed. Video calls and other forms of online media is now an alternative to connect with others. The mention of media working over us completely was also very fascinating to me. it absolutely does change how we think, how we act and other various aspect of what makes us, us.

  8. Ebony Derrick

    I believe that technology are both connecting us and detaching us from reality. Technology detaches us from the reality that we live in and attaches us to social media which distracts us from doing the things that we need to do and sometimes causes people to be attached to an unrealistic reality that is portrayed on the internet. It connects us in a way where we can communicate with family, friends, and others from anywhere in the world. Especially since Covid, technology has allowed students and most people to continue to work and continue to get an education.

  9. Chaochao

    This article was my choice last week because it had so many pictures that attracted me and made me want to read this article more than another article without any pictures at all. I very much agree with him that the media has changed our lives. The media allows us to better understand the culture of other countries and quickly understand some of the major events that are taking place. Compared with the previous life, people can only get information by writing letters and newspapers. There is an old saying in my country that “in the past, horses and horses were slow, letters were far away, and there was only one thing to do in a lifetime, love one person”, but now we only need to use social media to convey information to each other in an instant. We can get to know the latest news and even spread it to other people in seconds. All of this attests to what he said about the media changing our fashion aesthetic, the way we look at things, and our lives.

  10. Xiaofei Wang

    After you this presentation of McLuhan’s article, I have a deeper understanding of media, the connection between media and information. I know that media is not only an externalized existence, but an extension of human body and spirit. Media has changed the way of human existence and reconstructed the way of human feeling and attitude towards the world. At the same time, I also feel that the media, while bringing people convenience, also take something away from people. As those tools, techniques and media became extensions of my hands and feet, a lot of basic things were replaced.

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