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Midterm Statement

The social issue that I’ll be depicting is black women and mental health. I think this is an important social issue because in society there is the depiction of the strong black woman. This depiction of black women is a horrible stereotype. Because of this stereotype it projects that we are not allowed to break and that we have to strong all of the time. And when we do break, our emotions are not taken seriously, and it might lead to us not getting care. According to the Psychiatric Times, studies have shown that Black individuals are less likely to seek (and subsequently accept) mental health care, secondary to concerns regarding stigma. So, for this project I want to depict that it is ok for black women to properly feel their emotions. The two image ideas I’m going to use to explore this idea is “The Scream” by Edvard Munch and Flaming June by Frederic Leighton. I chose to explore the one by Munch because the person in the painting looks like they are steaming in pain. So the aspects I’ll use for this is the hands holding the face and the the scream.  I also chose the one by Leighton to explore because of the way the woman in the painting is laying on the couch. I don’t know what emotion is exactly being depicted here, for all I know she could actually just be sleeping, but I feel there’s a lot I could depict with this image.

Lab: Week 7 – Midterm Critique

Review your partner’s midterm project.

Your classmate will explain their issue to you and describe what image they are going to quote. Look at anything that they have shot for the project. Help them identify their strongest image, what is working and what they should do this next week to:

  • make the meaning of the final image clearer
  • make the connection of the image to reference stronger
  • make the image more visually engaging

Write a post with your review. Make sure to include at least one thing that is good about your partner’s approach and one thing that they could improve.

Category – MidtermProject – In-process Critique

Also, scroll through your partner’s Flickr photo stream. Help them identify their best two photos taken in class so far this semester. Leave a comment to tell them what is good about the photo and help them remember which ones you liked.

Midterm Statement

Midterm Project statement:


In my opinion I feel like racial profiling is a major social issue. Just racism itself is a very big issue especially in New York which is diverse city, and the increase of racial profiling has gone up a lot. But being more specific I feel like racial profiling is a social issue that still happens but has not been something that has been changed. It leads to many other problems such as hate crimes, racism and bullying too. So to be exact with what racial profiling is, it means when you suspect someone has done something bad or is “bad” by their race or ethnicity. Like you kind of assume something suspicious by their profile, their physical appearance. I feel like it’s an issue that does not get enough attention but I feel like it is a major issue which leads to racism and hate crime. I wouldn’t say that it’s relevant to my life but it’s something I have witnessed or probably experienced once in my life. I feel like it has to do a lot with gender also. Racial profiling is important and should actually get more attention to stop the issue because it leads to more problems. If this never happened people would not feel offended and safe walking anywhere without being stopped. There wouldn’t be any assumptions of anyone because of their race or ethnicity. If racial profiling didn’t exist there wouldn’t be hate crimes or people offending others. So it’s important to stop the racial profiling because it would prevent illegal discrimination, it affects minorities and immigrant communities. It is unfair because many may feel targeted. It also breaks that trust and safety barrier, for example, when living in New York where we should feel safe and protected by police officers, some of us New Yorkers feel ashamed or embarrassed because some of them experience that on a daily basis and are treated as if there are some kind of “dangerous” or suspicious person. But Here is a link where you can read some stories on racial profiling and what it is and some more about it. 


Midterm Project Statement

The social issue that I decided to discuss is climate change. The effects of climate change can be seen all over the news and social media from wildfires in Australia to record-breaking temps in the Arctic. Recent research paper found that polar bears could be nearly extinct by the end of this century due to the high temps in Antarctica. Glaciers have shrunk, ice on rivers and lakes is breaking up earlier, plant and animal ranges have shifted and trees are flowering sooner. Effects that scientists had predicted in the past would result from global climate change are now occurring: loss of sea ice, accelerated sea level rise and longer, more intense heat waves.This might seem like a problem for scientists but also people living on this earth. We take advantage of earth cutting down forests and trees to make space for stores and houses. Recently in Arizona a lot of homeowners face a lot of wildfire because of the weak layer in the ozone layer which is caused by chemicals released to the air. According to the article Climate and Environment it states ” From electric cars and buses to zero-carbon producing energy sources, new and emerging technologies along with innovative policy changes, are critical for combating climate change. But to be effective, they must ensure that transport strategies benefit everyone, including the poorest.” A lot of people are trying hard to heal the earth by planting trees and reducing the use of cars and chemicals. As well recycling, eco-friendly light bulbs and using solar energy.  We need to start using less hot water and more cold water for things like dishes and laundry. This generation of people need to change their way of life  to teach the new generation to create a change so that this earth can still exist longer. 


-Daniel Rodriguez 

Midterm Statement : Gentrification

The social issue I decided to choose Gentrification. Gentrification is a very serious and heavily overlooked issue especially in POC/Black dominating states/cities. Such as New York, Chicago, Washington, and Atlanta. Gentrification is pushing wealthier housing/accomadating the wealthy by pushing, ‘improving’, and taking over poor urban areas. This effect is indeed harmful as many lose their generational home to someone with a much higher income. More harms of it, is the lost of culture and originality as Brooklyn loses it’s graffiti, food, and people. Native New Yorkers fight day to day in this concrete jungle from working and living stably to now worrying about if their home is even permanent. New York City disrespects not only their own people but the culture as we stand the most diverse and cultured state. This hits home to me because I grew up in Bed-Stuy and seen the drastic changes of faces to charges of the MTA. It’s ridiculous. I am extremely passionate about my neighborhood but New York City overall.

Gentrification can be seen in plain sight. From a brownstone to some modern black tech flat next to it. To singing and barbecuing to losing our parks to accomodate dogs. Imagine losing your neighborhood park to accomodate some dogs. Exactly. This is outraging and disheartening and with this project, not only do I want to take it extra serious but would like to present it to the streets of New York. New York City isn’t for the weak or tourists with dreams. New york City is the city where rough diamonds hustle and struggle to shine. Gentrification is industrial erasure of POC/Black struggles and homes in NYC. NYC shouldn’t be on sale for the first place. Therefore, I want to stop the romanticization of New York.

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