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HW 8: Photographic Style

For this homework, I chose the Netflix series, Queen’s Gambit. The Lighting style they use is Split light. The main light is on the front 45-degree angle, on the left side of the actor face. The way how to the actor is position is front view and they were mid to close shots to capture the detail of the chess pieces and the actor.
-Daniel Rodriguez

HW 8 Photographic Style

The photo I chose to. recreate was the one from Season 2 of the show Sex Education. The photos from this season were shot to look like they were posing to be painted. In this photo the character, Ola, is holding a whole bunch of oranges. In this photo, Ola’s head is is titled a bit to the right and it was shot using Rembrandt light. I had my model do the same head tilt like she did so I can do the Rembrandt light. I didn’t have anything to imitate the dark colored background so I used something in the same color family.

Darius Freeman Photographic Style

For this assignment, I chose Mr. Robot ads to recreate. These ads use a combination of Rembrandt Lighting or Broad Lighting. Sometimes there is a background light but oftentimes there is not because to keep pace with the tone of the show, the ads are very dark with only the subject being lit. Often being shot from straight ahead. To recreate this I shot my model straight on and tried to get a Rembrandt light but my space was too small. I also used a camera flash on the camera for more light. In hindsight, I should have used the softbox on the other side for fill.

Photographic Style -HW8

For this homework, I chose the Netflix series, Queen’s Gambit. The lighting is soft. There is a main light on the front 45-degree angle, with a soft fill light on the opposite side. The lighting style is similar to Rembrandt lighting as there appears to be a slight triangle under her eye on the fill side. In terms of portrait style, the photographs were mostly mid-shots and tight close ups.

I tried to replicate the main light at a 45-degree angle and add some fill on the opposite side. There were some contrasts in shadow on the fill side so to create a slight Rembrandt triangle. In terms of shots, I brought it closer but kept it as a mid-shot. Finally, I like the small reflection from the table.


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