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Milan Rodriguez_Final Project Statement

I want to do pictures of sneaker and objects that might complement them. I also want to try to put them in different environments and do something similar to displays you would see in stores and online. Considering I’m somebody who is really into shoes I thought it would be a fun choice. So I will try to venture out and try to experiment with natural sunlight and different areas as well as unique positions.



I made this photo better by practically increasing the saturation a tab bit as well as increasing the exposure. Another thing I did is increase the shadows while decreasing the highlights.

Social Issues-MilanR

An issue that I believe that should get looked upon that doesn’t is the obsession of social media and how it affects our generation. It isn’t all bad but a lot of negativity can stem from social media. Ever since the pandemic and with technological advances there has been a massive incline in its use. Some things that can come from it are depression, bullying, lack of self esteem, health problems etc. Modern day people don’t go out and socialize like they used to because everything can be done on your phone now, social media has caused a lot of people to become lazy and this is a reason for the rise of obesity as social media becomes more and more popular. Some people are even getting surgery because of what they see on Instagram with people photoshopping pictures of themselves because they see that and that becomes the norm of what beauty is because social media says it is, and that’s making a lot of people feel insecure. There are even studies that show 9/10 girls are unhappy with the way they look due to this idealized body image caused by social media. Social media can be addicting to the point it can literally control somebody’s life as some people adopt a fear of missing out which has been proven to cause things like anxiety and depression. I personally don’t think social media is going to be the downfall of the world. But I do think that people should just be more aware of the cons of social media so that we can thrive. Even if it means putting down the phone for a second to take a look outside, we need to be more conscious of the world around us rather than what’s going on in our phones.

Milan Rodriguez _HW1

Gordon Parks was many things but above all he was a photographer who captured the essence of that America was behind the scenes in the early and mid 1900’s. Capturing things like injustice, race relations, and civil rights. In this picture of Malcom X in 1963 which was taken in Chicago Illinois, you can see it was taken in black and white and has a strong sense of contrast of light and dark as a use of figure to ground. In the picture you can only see Malcolm X as the focal point on the image and everything beyond his is straight darkness. Nothing else so focus on but his actions as he held the rally, trying to guide his people. But this image gives off this sense of power that is radiating from Malcolm X.

At that time Gordon Parks came back to Chicago after decades to ultimately write an article about the Black Muslim movement. A lot of white reported where trying to get the scoop but with him being the only black one he was given an opportunity to do so which would help his career flourish. During his time there he spent weeks with the black Muslim community where he felt like he was able to reflect on his duel status as an insider and an outsider. In this picture he was able to capture Malcolm X in the mists of a speech which would help push this civil rights movement in the 1960’s. In which Parks could relate to coming from poverty as he acknowledged after this piece “These circumstances of common struggle has willed us brothers.”

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