4 pts. Please put your answers in a text file, convert to PDF, and email it to me: rmichals@citytech.cuny.edu

Make sure to read each question carefully and answer it completely in full sentences.

Each question is worth 1 pt.

  1. Compare and contrast how angle of view is used in these two photos of the Manhattan Bridge. How does the choice of angle of view contribute to the mood of the photo?

2. Define depth of field. What is the difference between depth of field and perspective? Compare and contrast how depth of field was used in these two photos of a road.

3. When does a photographer need to use a tripod?

4. Compare and contrast these two photographs in a paragraph essay. Four points of comparison using the four most relevant different terms from this list: rule of thirds, diagonal lines, leading lines, pattern, symmetry, figure to ground, contrast of light and dark, a frame within a frame, depth of field, angle of view.