Professor Michals

Photographic Style -HW8

For this homework, I chose the Netflix series, Queen’s Gambit. The lighting is soft. There is a main light on the front 45-degree angle, with a soft fill light on the opposite side. The lighting style is similar to Rembrandt lighting as there appears to be a slight triangle under her eye on the fill side. In terms of portrait style, the photographs were mostly mid-shots and tight close ups.

I tried to replicate the main light at a 45-degree angle and add some fill on the opposite side. There were some contrasts in shadow on the fill side so to create a slight Rembrandt triangle. In terms of shots, I brought it closer but kept it as a mid-shot. Finally, I like the small reflection from the table.

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  1. rmichals

    Just watch the nose shadow. Even a slight shift in angle will reduce it.

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